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This morning I awoke around 5:15 with a massive headache.  Years ago, after the invention of the DVR, my brain did this weird thing and started dreaming in fast forward.  Yes, it’s true!  Not all the time, but whenever it does happen it is quite difficult and gives me a headache.  Luckily, I have, by the grace of God, learned how to pray myself out of it and wake up!  It being quite early I reached for my phone and turned to Instagram as a distraction to not fall back asleep and right back into crazy dreams.

Now, you might think that’s not the best choice… social media being what it is, but ya know God can take ALL things and work them for His glory.  For a while now, I have been filling my feed with pages that glorify God and speak to my soul and deleting those that do not.  Even the pages I thought were super creative and lovely have been deleted when they began to exhibit thoughts and distractions that go against my beliefs and reverence for Christ.

So, with that in mind, I wanted to share some of the wonderful posts that spoke to me this morning, because I had an overwhelming urge to do so with you in this tiny little corner of the world wide web (smile).  I can only assume it is a prompting from the Holy Spirit, and hopefully, somebody else will be blessed too.
I will share each person’s Instagram address in case you want to follow as well.

Eventually, my alarm went off, and Vivaldi’s Autumn portion of the Four Seasons was playing.  How perfectly de
If you right click this link, you can play it in the background in a separate tab.

ahniart “By your words I can see where I’m going; they throw a beam of light on my dark path.”
-Psalm 119:105 (MSG)
Lord, in the darkness you are my one true light. So often I cry out for you to flip the switch and illumine the entire path before me. But in your mercy, your light is held low, like a hand-held lantern, that prepares the way for my very next step. The closer I keep to you, the more sure I am of the firm foundation before me. I am not alone. You hold my right hand and you guide me all the days of my life. I need not fear. For here on this moonless path you are my one true light. Make my heart brave and keep my mind at peace as I slow my pace behind your every step...for you are my faithful glow-in-the-dark guide. Amen.
deeplyrootedmag “If the Lord strips everything from our lives, except His presence and relationship, would we continue in life with the same joy and strength as before? That question ultimately determines the level of certainty and comfort we place on His gifts rather than on His presence. Often, when we place too high a value on His tangible gifts and blessings, we will experience suffering that renders us incapacitated. However, when we place a high value on knowing the Lord, the suffering, though painful, is endurable because God’s Word continually refreshes us with the reality of His presence and love.
Paul found himself facing the ravages of a hostile crowd of religious Jews who sought to strip away his comfort and freedom. Paul came face to face with real suffering and experienced the pain of rejection, yet, he did not seem to lose sight of the presence of the One who alone would never leave or forsake him...” —Dr. Glenn Jago
📷: @marisaalbrecht
handletteredtruth “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world."”
John 16:33
littlebitfunky 10.4.18 - Galatians 1:10 - This verse is a greatlitmus test for truth. What does the speaker have to gain by what they are saying? Is it favor or power over men? Or are they relaying words that cause a pause and a moment to reflect and wonder if we are abiding in Christ? Are they saying what they need to say to win? Or are they pulling truth from the book of Life? We have to be careful not to be swayed by sweet words that make our ears happy. More often than not, those words do not do our hearts any good. Sweet words are like sweet candy, they taste good and make us happy in the moment, but they don’t nourish our bodies towards growth. Popularity among people is always fickle, and can be here today and gone tomorrow but God’s truth ensures forever. When we stand on His word we can know that we won’t have to re-evaluate how we feel in the next season or with the next person. Truth is truth is truth and it can only be found in Christ.

myoldbooks My sister’s cookies, along with a sweet October poem for #nationalpoetryday (if you live anywhere near NJ, she makes beautiful, delicious cookies! ) 🍁🍂 @mbcustomcookies
“October gave a party,
The leaves by hundreds came,
The chestnuts, oaks and maples,
And leaves of every name,
The Sunshine spread a carpet,
And everything was grand,
Miss Weather led the dancing,
Professor Wind the band.”
~ George Cooper 
I had read this poem before and feel in love with it, plus the cookies are beautiful! (smile)  She often posts pictures and quotes from vintage children’s books which are so sweet.
bethel "We've been given power [by the Holy Spirit] that unwraps every impossibility."
Tonight's #openheavens2018conference opened with a powerful word from Bill Johnson on what it means to live in the awareness of an open heaven. As we allow our minds to be renewed by the Lord, joining our values and thoughts to His, we are inviting the realities of the kingdom into our every day moments and we will see impossibilities become possible. // We can't wait for Day Two of Open Heavens! Join us tomorrow morning at 9:30am PST on!
littlebitfunky Never quit something in the middle. The middle is always the messiest. Just look at Jesus. His crucifixion was the middle. Imagine if He had quit then, after His Father sent Him and before He was risen from the dead. What would we have gained? A mess. Nothing. No one would even remember Him. He would have been just another “criminal” put to death. What if David quit in the middle? Or Moses? Or Rahab? Imagine how different their stories would be...actually we wouldn’t even know them because their story is a story because they didn’t quit in the middle. There’s a lesson there. If we quit in the middle we cheat ourselves of the ending. Of the lessons in pushing through and sometimes even the lesson of failing. But. More often than not, the middle is JUST a place to trust. Catch your breath, remember who you are and whose you are and continue on until the end. Fear tells us to quit in the middle. We are not afraid. We are victors!
teaaholic Tonight I’m fruit and clove. I’m bergamot.
I drop a teabag in the cup and boil
the kettle until it sings. As if on cue,
a part of me remembers how to brew
the darker things—those years I was a pot
of smoky leaves scented with orange oil.
Truth is: I don’t remember much of school,
the crushed-up taste of it. I was a drink
forgotten on the table, left to cool.
I was a rusted tin marked childhood.
I don’t remember wanting to be good
or bad, but only that I used to sink
in water and wait for something to unfurl,
the scent of summer in the jasmine pearl. - Tea by Jehanne Dubrow
⬆One of my favourite poems about tea. #NationalPoetryDay
hosannarevival From Julia: "This year, I made a life-choice that ended up in a lot of change. Switching jobs first came with joyful anticipation, but as the new school year started in swing, I began to question my choice. Things got hard, and it was easy for those doubts to go from tiny whispers to loud shouts. Did I make the right choice? Did I mess everything up? The lies that others around me were telling me started to shape my thoughts of myself. Am I really who they say I am? // But then I turn to Psalms, and everything changes. The lies in my head, the shouts of doubt, are slowly replaced with the whispers of His voice saying to me, "I am on your side. I am on your side." Because in all this change that scares me and fills me with fear, He has never left me. He sees me, running around, trying to be perfect, trying to do it on my own, and reminds me over and over again through his word--I, the God of the Universe, am on your side. And it isn't just out of obligation. He is on our side out of sacrifice. // So in my questions about my own self-worth, I am reminded that He sacrificed for me. When the world seems to be chewing me up and spitting me out, He is raising his voice to tell me "I am here! Notice me! Remember me!" Through His word, he tells me that He has never once left my side, that there's no place He would rather be than next to me. That there is no amount of work I could do to impress Him or change His mind about me. He doesn't just love me, he adores me, cherishes me, longs to be with me. // My friends, we have no reason to fear, no reason to doubt, no reason to question our worthiness. He has taken our fear and traded it in for joy. He has taken our worries, our questions, and replaced them with bold, bold love. He is by your side, even on your darkest days. And He isn't going anywhere." @julia.allspaw
bethel “People who have seen Jesus want to see Him more - not because they’re greedy, but because He’s so beautiful.” - @shawnbolz . Tonight's #openheavens18session with Shawn was incredible, and spoke to the invitation that God has given each of us to draw near to Him and be changed to be more like Him! Join us tomorrow for Day Three, where we'll hear from @erwinmcmanus !
teatimemagazine How we would love to take a break from our busy day and hop across the pond to enjoy this delicious afternoon tea at @stjameshotelandclub. Where would you escape to for your next tea adventure?
armedwithtruth ‘Tis a new season! Fall leaves. Scarves. And pumpkin everything. 😊🍁
#Repost @lindsay_letters This downloadable print is my FREE treat to you — my way of saying “Happy October!!!!” 🍂 .
delight_in_colour I’m still studying the Song of Songs - let me tell you, the riches of the word of God are so deep, and spending a good, long time soaking in one book is an awesome way to really meditate on God’s truth. The last stanza of Song of Songs feels like an odd way to end the book - it feels unfinished with this final call from the Bride to her beloved. But when we understand the nature of love we realize that the story is always unfinished. There is always more to be desired, hoped for and experienced. This is the same in our relationship with God - except that one day we will see him face to face and the story will be complete and perfect for eternity... what a reason to pray ‘Come Lord Jesus!’
I had fun playing with a layered watercolour technique that I learned from @arden_elise and her fabulous videos! I chose these colours because these verses talk about the beloved being like a stag on mountains of spices. The beautiful stag from the new Thrill of Hope stamp set from @sweetnsassystamps designed by @ninaboneenah was perfect for this page, and the trees in the set work beautifully with it as well!

24carrotkitchen Paleo scones that taste like the real thing! I love cranberry orange, but other combos work with this super easy dough. 
This one deserved looking up and here is the recipe link!!!

Awesome Cranberry Orange Scones-So Easy!
Prep Time: 10 Minutes  Cook Time: 20 Minutes  Total Time: 30 Minutes

bethel "He’s not scared of our questions." - @lesliecrandall . What a powerful reality of the nature of God - that He is steady and patient with us in our process. 
Today's #openheavens18 sessions has been full of hope, wisdom, and encouragement! Join us tonight on @betheltv_ for worship with Bethel Music and teaching by Shawn Bolz!

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