Thursday, November 30, 2017

Operation Christmas Child and Christmas Happy Mail

Hello friends,
Just thought I drop in & post a little.  I've sort of lost my mojo for blogging.  It takes a ton of time and effort, vs. posting a quick snip on Instagram (smile).  Seasons change as you no doubt know.
from my fairy garden

Last Saturday I had the privilege of serving at *Operation Christmas Child (OCC) Processing Ctr.  It is one of only 8 in the country, so I am blessed to have access to it.  I am even more excited that I am going back Friday to hear Franklin Graham (son of Billy Graham) speak, along with some others who will share how these shoeboxes have impacted poor children of the world, and blessed them with a tangible representation of Jesus.

Some of the highlights of the day: •Praying over our boxes •A note from a child that cracked me up •Meeting a new friend who lives literally blocks away from my dad in Central CA and drove 4 hours to come serve! {behind us / photos on a wall for us to write prayers on} •a child's fun note with scriptures & games •a look at the warehouse •The OCC Christmas Tree
but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”
Matthew 19:14 ESV
#IpackedAShoebox #OperationChristmasChild

"it shows my generosity" :)

Inside the Processing Ctr.

Outside of Child's note - scriptures

Inside of Child's note - fun!

Made a new friend :)
Next to the *OCC Christmas Tree

 I also wanted to share that I am participating in a fun ornament exchange this season hosted by sweet Karina over at: "Merciful Moments".  She is a charming teenager with a heart for Jesus.  A super fun surprise was that my swap partner's name is....drum roll please....DIXIE!  Some of you may recall my 80-year-old aunt's name
If you are sending cards out, would
you consider sending an extra one to
my Aunt? She lives alone with no
modern media.  Old school mail
really brightens her day. 
Email me & I will send you her address.
(Email button to right).
is also Dixie and we write to each other regularly.  So today when we went to the post office, TWO DIXIES were sent happy mail!  Since Dixie #2 has no idea who I am, I will share my fun package which I truly hope blesses her!
She says: "I am a true "farm wife" (although in Montana it is called ranch instead of farm! LOL) I love all livestock and any farm related tools...and rust and galvanized stuff makes my heart quicken! My house is totally an older farmhouse. I love anything which is old and worn! Antiques and well-worn items "float my boat" I enjoy Hot Chocolate...anything containing chocolate...milk chocolate!!!!!"
Christmas card, magnetic calendar, stickers, Christmas teas, Organic hot cocoa [& how cute is that vintage looking packaging from Trader Joe's?], mini box of chocolates, cozy socks, Christmas towels, rusty-look metal Cross ornament, teeny-weeny rustic stocking ornament, tiny die-cast pickup... which, I TOTALLY thought was an ornament, & then found out it wasn't - ooops!
All wrapped up!  I included a sweet coloring page from the only thing I purchased during Cyber Monday, and that was only because I saw it was 1/2 off on her IG page! (artist: Karla Dornacher - find her awesome, brand new color book here: Christmas Color Book or the PDF version here: Christmas Color Book PDF) and then some darling advent cards from the lovely Abbey over at: Little Birdie Blessings - She had a sweet contest on her Instagram page and she gifted EVERYONE who entered the PDF printables.  How sweet is she?

I always teach the daycare Littles to pray over our outgoing packages.  It helps reinforce "pray without ceasing" and makes people far away a little more real to them.  Just an idea to share if you have Littles in your life. :)

 I hope to do a followup post when my swap partner mails me an ornament package :)
This year I am really attracted to
vintage Pointsettias. I have loved
vintage Christmas cards for years.
I spotted this one on etsy & thought it
so pretty!  And a lovely way to
close, as I wish you
"A Happy Holiday Season"