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The Accidental Guardian – High Sierra Sweethearts Book 1 - by Mary Connealy
SW of Lake Tahoe, NV – Oct. 1867

Sisters, Deborah and Gwen Harkness have agreed to watch three-year-old Maddie Sue Scott and toddler cousin Ronnie in exchange for joining a small wagon train heading west so they can start a newspaper of their own. When an unthinkable tragedy occurs, they find themselves stranded with no idea how to get help.  Trace Riley (I love that name!) is headed to his home in the High Sierra’s on his horse Black with his dog Wolf when he happens upon the odd group. The ladies are certain God brought him to them and he agrees they certainly need help if they are to survive. Trace is a Bible-believing wilderness man in his prime who has no real experience with ladies or family other than the early years spent with his Pa, but he can track like nobody’s business and when danger returns to his mountains he is determined to guard all who need safe passage.  I quite enjoyed this story where carving out a life is hard, but joyful in the camaraderie and pride of helping others and honest work.

Copy provided by Bethany House Publishing with no other compensation.  I am not required to provide a favorable review and my opinion is my own.

High Sierra Sweethearts:
1 – The Accidental Guardian – April 2018
2 – The Reluctant Warrior – October 2018
3 – The Unexpected Champion – coming in 2019
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ALL for LOVE – A Historical Romance 3 Novella Collection © 2018 Bethany House

The Boden Birthright – Cimarron Legacy Series Novella by Mary Connealy
Boston, Mass August 1852 / New Mexico Territory
The Bradford family is extremely wealthy has been caring for the grandson Cole Boden ever since his mother and baby sister passed away during childbirth.  Chance Boden, Cole’s father, lives in the opulent house but grief holds him hostage. One day, he snaps back to reality and decides to start fresh with his son.  They head off with a plan and stop along the way at the home of Frank Chastain and his daughter, Veronica who just happen to own 1/4 million acres in New Mexico Territory.  There is an instant attraction between Veronica and Chance, and she is especially taken with his son Cole.  Frank becomes a good friend to Chance and teaches him the ways of ranching in this hard wilderness.  The story is packed with details and takes an abrupt turn forcing big decisions. Plenty of prayer and presence of God.  I cried a lot and really enjoyed it. Originally pub. in 2016 as an eNovella – now I want to look into and read the rest of the series!

A Lady of Esteem – A Hawthorne House Series Novella by Kristi Ann Hunter
London, 1812 Regency Era
At 10 years, Amelia Stalwood was foisted onto extended family to care for.  Eventually, she was sent to one of their homes to live with a staff and governess and essentially forgotten. She made the best of her life, befriending the staff of the home as well as staff members all over town, fully expecting to have to go into service one day when she was of an age to no longer be a burden.
Anthony Pendleton, Marquis of Raebourne has recently committed his life to Christ and has returned to London to reestablish his place in society.  Arriving three days early, he runs headlong into Amelia cleaning his library bookcases of all things, despite the fact he does not recall her being in his employment.
The two continue to run into one another and the story develops in an unexpected and delightful way and God’s presence is felt.  Most enjoyable. Originally pub. in 2015 as an eNovella – and the other 4 books in the series are wonderful! Read them all!
From Author’s Website:
“The Hawthorne House Series follows a set of aristocratic siblings led by the Duke of Riverton. Set from 1812 - 1815, these stories show how beautiful life, love, and family can be when you let God be a part of them.”
(4.5 novels)
0.5 A Lady of Esteem – originally an eNovella – 7/1/2015 & now available in paperback as noted above.
1. A Noble Masquerade –  9/8/2015 You’ve Got Mail, Regency Style
2. An Elegant Fa├žade –  7/5/2016
3. An Uncommon Courtship – 1/3/2017
4. An Inconvenient Beauty –  09/2017

At Your Request – an Apart From the Crowd Series Novella by Jen Turano
New York City, Jan. 1883
Although I read this story when it was first released as an eNovella, I am delighted to read it again. It makes me want to visit the wallflowers in books 1 and 2 again, and wonderfully anticipate book 3!
Miss Wilhelmina Radcliff is reunited with her dearest childhood friend, Mr. Edgar Wanamaker, at a ball of all places and is mortified to have him see her fall in society from debutant to social secretary. While wallflowers are supposed to be quiet and sullen, the ones we meet here are anything but! Edgar, having made his way in the world, has returned seeking a wife and wondering what became of Wilhelmina.  Finding her at a ball in a most awkward position, he cannot help but be amused and lend a hand.  Jen has such a delightful way of crafting a story. I quickly found myself laughing and smiling over the unexpected scenes, wonderful tea moments, a horse named Mr. Merriweather and charming human characters from the gilded age.
Apart From the Crowd Series
0.5 At Your Request – originally an eNovella Prequel 2017
1. Behind the Scenes April 2017
2. Out of the Ordinary Nov. 2017
3. Caught by Surprise coming July 2018

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Copy provided by Bethany House Publishing with no other compensation.  I am not required to provide a favorable review and my opinion is my own.

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