Wednesday, March 21, 2018

CA Strawberry Day and World Poetry Day

Well, living in CA I must celebrate National CA Strawberry Day!
& since it is also World Poetry Day I searched
online for a short strawberry poem and found this one.
I am a big fan of Haiku because it is so easy to teach.
This one follows the rule of 5/7/5 (syllables). 
Do you see THAT?!
Thanks Sam's Club!
The Snowman's Lament⛄
My snowman sadly bowed his head in March, one sunny day, and this is what he softly said before he went away: "In the middle of December I was handsome, round, and tall, now I hardly can remember those December days at all. Oh my stomach's started shrinking, I am losing all my form, and I'm thinking as I'm shrinking that I wish it weren't warm. I can feel my shoulder stooping as my body is getting thin, my nose has started drooping and my mouth has lost its grin, I am surely getting shorter, there is little left of me, my head is but a quarter of the size it used to be. I am getting hard of hearing and my vision's little use, for my ears are disappearing and my eyes are coming loose. Through the icy weeks of winter I stood prouder than a king, now I'm thinner than a splinter, winter's melting into spring!"

In my cup today ~ Strawberry Chocolate tea by
The Republic of Tea: "Sip by sip, not gulp by gulp."

Hugs and a cup of tea,
Heather Elizabeth

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Well hello and happy 1st day of SPRING friends!
I thought I would share a few garden photos and lovely views as well.
Surely his salvation is near to those who fear him, that glory may dwell in our land.  Steadfast love and faithfulness meet; righteousness and peace kiss each other.  Faithfulness springs up from the ground, and righteousness looks down from the sky.  Yes, the Lord will give what is good, and our land will yield its increase.  Righteousness will go before him and make his footsteps a way.
Psalms 85:9‭-‬13 ESV

I do NOT garden, but I have always wanted
Lavender.  So I dug a hole, threw in
some miracle grow plant boosting
thing-a-ma-jiggers and am
hoping for the best!

CA citrus

My state flower - the California poppy growing wild in God's garden.

Bird of Paradise
giant shamrocks growing wild by
the handfuls.
{God the Father, Jesus the Son, Holy Spirit - three in one}
No idea what these are, but they are SO pretty.
I am also very excited about my new (to me) bookshelf.  I spotted it on Instagram and made sure to be the 1st one at the store to snag it!  It's exactly what I have been wanting and was able to finally organize my TBR (To Be Read) pile. Yippee!!

This postcard I spotted at a fun little shop cracked me up and it had to come home with me. It reads: The box of oranges I promised you from California.  hee hee.
Thank you for joining me, and enjoy all the
beauty of the season!

Monday, March 12, 2018

March 12th Take a Nap Day

Happy National TAKE A NAP DAY! 
This particular remembrance is always the Monday after Spring Daylight Savings, USA.
I can not believe we have not done away with DLS yet, but alas, here we are!
PRO TIP: Use Youtube to reset your car clock, 
because who can remember how after 6 months?!
{somebody posted this on FB & I thought it was funny}

I love utilizing to create a variety of coloring and handwriting pages for the Littles I care for.  I found this cute napping kitty & then personalized it!

R - age 4
A - age 1
S - age 5

R - age 3
T- age 4

For personalized handwriting and number practice with repetition, I like to use See how it lets me make the example bold and then the practice letters or numbers in dashed lines for tracing. It's pretty cool and both sites are FREE! Yay!!

A great napping shot from 3 years ago!
Melts my heart.

Until next time, Hugs and a cup of tea...
Perhaps decaf for Natl. Napping Day. I love Celestial Seasonings Lemon Lavender Lane (I found it at WalMart).  It is so lovely & comforting.

Heather Elizabeth

Sunday, March 11, 2018

FANTASTIC A Hearts Revolution

Scheduled to *re-release sometime in March.

Oh my word.  I LOVED this book.  I started it yesterday afternoon and read until midnight, forcing myself to sleep a few hours before waking to finish it.

Endover Plantation, outside Williamsburg, VA 1783 (following the Revolutionary War)
Larksong Benton is celebrating another birthday, yet still unwed to Emerson Fielding after a proposal two years ago at her eighteenth birthday.  He has remained distant, aloof and uninterested other than the customary gentleman is required to be.
Wiley Benton intends to see his sister happy, and has warned his good friend he needs to change his attitude or call off the match.
A devious cousin, Penelope, shows up and immediately begins a flirtation with Emerson that causes even more confusion and doubt concerning the betrothed couple.
When Wiley decides to send his sweet sister into hiding with friends in Annapolis to resolve her feelings and put enough distance between her fiancΓ© and family, Lark agrees and is quickly befriended by the extremely adventurous and beautiful Sena and her kind family.  Lark finally has the chance to come out of her shell and explore her true self.
Sena’s good friends, Edwinn Calvert and his sister Kate are Tories; loyal to the English Crown, and therefore outcasts since the War.  However, Edwinn’s reason stems not from a lack of patriotism, but rather a deeply personal one between himself and God.  He is a good and caring man, who does love his country and adds much to the story. Ch. 5 “Was it so wrong to wish for a companion? To wish he had the freedom of other, Patriot men, to pay court to the young women around him and discover what match the Lord might have in store for him?”
Emerson finally begins to question who he is and whether or not his proposal to Miss Benton was the right choice or not, and aims to discover those answers by finding out exactly where she has gone and confronting her.  I enjoyed Emerson’s strength, and his choices throughout the book once he realized the value of Lark.  They have great chemistry.
Wiley is a wonderful supporting character who made me laugh more than once. 
Lark is convinced she is unworthy and not as good as anyone else around her.  Her inner struggles brought me to tears. 
Several historical figures, such as Gen. George Washington, also make appearances.
A story not to be missed!

It is my privilege to be included in Roseanna M. White’s Influencer List and I received this copy for no compensation from WhiteFire Pub.  My opinion is my own.
Read: 03/9&10/2018

© 2018 (and *previously 2011 under the name Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland with Summerside Press)

Click here for author's website
23 Chapters + Epilogue

 A Stand-alone book not to be missed!

(5+ stars)

Saturday, March 10, 2018

March 10th HI FRIENDS

Right Click & Open in New Tab to play lovely fiddle music shown above
Woke up to rain today! πŸ’™ Finished a wonderful eNovel πŸ“™ I started yesterday by the very talented Roseanna M. White,  got ready to some fun worship music 🎻🎡 on Pandora & made a pot of tea with Irish soda bread (our March favorite!). I decided to dash out in the downpour (aka a wee smateringπŸ˜‹), and collect a few πŸ“Έphotos of the Lord's loveliness. 
There are lots of fun celebrations to ponder today & I have really been enjoying following them on WorldDayCalendar on Instagram:
Mario Day is celebrated today because Mar10 so closely resembles
Mario :)

& Never Want as Long as You Live.
~Irish Blessing 

Hope you have a very blessed weekend!  Oh, & happy #InternationalDayOfAwesomeness πŸ€—

πŸ’§ #RaindropsInMyTea
🐈 #caturday
🐈 #maximuscatimus 
🌎 #SoCal 
πŸ€ #IrishBlessing
πŸ’› #KerryGold 
☕ #Twinings 
☘ #IrishBreakfast
🍞 #TeaAndToast 

Thursday, March 8, 2018


A Search for Refuge (A Haven Manor Novella) by Kristi Ann Hunter


Marlborough, England 1804
Margaretta Fortescue arrives tired and dusty in Marlborough after 3 days of changing mail coaches to try and escape danger. She heads for a small grocer to ease her grumbling stomach, only to meet with Mrs. Lancaster who is the friendly and chatty proprietor.  Little does she know she has been followed by the local solicitor, Mr. Nash Banfield who has promised to look after the elderly widow and ensure no damsels in distress or worse, take advantage of Mrs. Lancaster.
However, Mrs. Lancaster has her own ideas and regularly makes herself available for helping those in need in accordance with God’s will.
Nash and Margaretta each have reason to be untrusting, but over time begin to allow small chips in their armor.  As the story unfolds more things to come to light and concerns for the characters grow.  Mrs. Lancaster is wonderful and hopefully, we see more of her in the series. Ch. 3 “Margaretta didn’t know what to think of the way the old woman sprinkled God and the Bible into her conversation as casually as a Londoner might mention the traffic or haze.  Even though she’d been attending church her entire life, Margaretta hadn’t ever thought to make Jesus quite that versatile.  She’d left Him in church where He seemed to belong, but Mrs. Lancaster appeared to think He belonged everywhere.”
Tea Moment: Ch. 6 “A cup of tea was pressed into her hands, and she sipped it gratefully, letting the hot liquid sooth her tight throat and settle her jumpy stomach.  After half a cup, she almost felt normal again.”
5 stars. Highly recommend.

© 2018 Bethany House - March 6, 2018
129 pages
Thank you to Bethany House and the lovely author for a complimentary eCopy. My opinion is my own and given freely. Keep updated on the author’s website, Kristi Ann Hunter dot com
Read & Reviewed: 03/08/2018

Haven Manor Series
“The Haven Manor series follows a group of women who take what could have been a life-crushing circumstance and turned it into an opportunity to help desperate women and their children from the same fate. Their pasts may have brought these women here, but God has an amazing future in store for them.” -Author’s Website
Book 0.5 A Search for Refuge (Margaretta’s Story) 03/2018
Currently available for free download here

Book 1 - A Defense of Honor (Kit’s Story) 06/2018
Coming Soon – Daphne’s Story
Coming Soon – Jess’s Story 
Until next time friends; hugs and a cup of tea,

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

A Chance at Forever A Teaville Moral Society Story

A Chance at Forever – Teaville Moral Society #3
Melissa Jagears

A Compelling Look at Forgiveness
Southeast Kansas, Spring 1909. 
Mercy McClain was ruthlessly tormented by Aaron Firebrook as a girl. When he shows up seeking a teaching position in front of her and other school board members she is taken back to her youth and vows he shall never step foot in the classroom.

Aaron has come full circle, having to overcome his own boyhood tortures, and coming to grips with finding value in himself through Christ. He has returned to Teaville to beg forgiveness from the people he wronged and hopefully provide guidance to other kids either being bullied or bullying. While he awaits the school board’s decision, he accepts temporary employment at the local orphanage, having no idea that is where Mercy McClain also works.

Jimmy is a troubled young teen who consistently acts out. Aaron is asked to step in and help guide him if he can. But Jimmy is extremely difficult and causes problems throughout the story. It causes Aaron to have flashbacks of his own troubled past.

The more time Mercy and Aaron spend with one another, the more they are each drawn to the person they see in front of them, each filled with kindness for others.

The story takes a look at prejudice toward the poor and the women and children of the red light district. It even touches on child-hood rape which is important to note if you are sensitive to that topic. It is tastefully discussed, but heavy none-the-less. And there is some violence. It also looks at forgiveness and survival in circumstances beyond one’s control. Overall, it is a good story, just not light entertainment. Faith plays a key role as one would hope when reading a Christian novel, and I would recommend it to a friend.

A side note about the cover: This has nothing to do with the author, since I realize the publishers choose the covers, but I found it unfortunate that they seemed unaware of Aaron’s description from the story. He was supposed to be towering over Mercy, big meaty hands, broad shoulders, slightly longer hair covering his collar that he pulled on when worried. The cover does not do him justice.

© February 2018 Bethany House

I received a copy from Bethany House Publ., courtesy of Melissa Jagears, in exchange for my honest opinion and which I am privileged to provide.

Read: 2/27&28/2018 - Reviewed: 3/1/2018 / 4 stars

SERIES: TEAVILLE MORAL SOCIETYBook .5 = Engaging the Competition 01/2016 a novella tucked into the book: With this Ring, featuring 3 other authors.
Book 1 = A Heart Most Certain 08/2016
Book 2 = A Love So True 05/2017
Book 2.5 Tied and True 01/2018 – a novella tucked into the book: Hearts Entwined, featuring 3 other authors.
Book 3 = A Chance at Forever 03/2018

About the Author: Melissa Jagears is an award-winning author, wife, homeschooling mama of 3, and shares she is an introvert. They appropriately reside in Kansas since that is where this series takes place! She can be found at with links to other social media outlets.

Thank you for stopping by! Until next time, Hugs and a Cup of Tea,
Heather Elizabeth

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