Monday, December 26, 2016

For the Record by Regina Jennings

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Boondock hill country of Pine Gap, Missouri 1885

In my previous review, for book #2, At Love’s Bidding, Betsy Huckabee is a young girl from the hills who has GREAT insight.  She is spunky, outspoken and very protective of those she cares about.   In this book, she is all grown up and is a local reporter for her uncle’s newspaper.  She has a desire to become a journalist for a major paper someday.  She believes herself to be married to her career, and has carefully avoided suitors up to this point.
Deputy Joel Puckett, from Texas, has been transferred to the tiny town of Pine Gap, and quickly decides it needs his expertise to gain control over the criminals that have been terrorizing the town, along with the local vigilantes trying to protect the town through less than legal means.  Joel carries a secret with him, that has forced him to leave Texas, and he is in no mood for the head-strong reporter who has decided she wants to shadow his every move. Plus, the townspeople seem less than interested in welcoming a new-comer. While it’s been agreed they will provide a horse for him, the tiny pony awaiting him does not exactly command respect.

Betsy is excited to finally have someone new from which to draw on for her stories, so she decides staying close to the new sheriff is her best bet.  However, she also has a responsibility to her uncle’s family, where she feels like an outsider taking advantage, being that she is a full grown woman, and still living under his roof.  If she can just use the new sheriff for inspiration, maybe she could make some money selling fictional stories to a larger paper.
She soon finds there is much more to Joel Puckett than inspiration, and he finds there is more to the strong-headed local girl than just being a nosy, in-the-way reporter.
I enjoyed this historical, Christian romance, that weaves wit and mystery into the story, and recommend it to others.
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5 stars

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329 pages

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