Saturday, August 22, 2015

Christopher Robin Jesus Calling And Tea Fabrics

I noticed on my calendar today, that I had noted Christopher Robin Milne's Birthday was August 21st (which was yesterday).
So I have decided to pour a cup of tea, and first share a bit of two special books I own.  Won't you join me?

Harney & Sons Mother's Bouquet ~ So pretty :-)

Christopher Robin Milne 1920-1996
Yes, he was a real, live boy.

Many years ago, I happened upon these two charming books by A.A. Milne at Sam's Club.  Perhaps, like me back then, you will not have heard of them, so I want to post a few pages of each for your enjoyment.  I find them quite relaxing, and the introductions in each are very sweet and not to be missed.

ISBN: 978-0-525-47930-7
I love how they are called decorations vs. illustrations :)

ISBN: 978-0-525-47929-1

Now, wasn't that sweet?

Yesterday, my mom dropped by to share some tea themed fabrics she had purchased from friends at her quilting class.  She knew she could make me something fun, and so she set up her sewing machine and did just that!

This is the tablecloth design we came up with.  It is laying at an angle on my table.
Abbey has decided to photo bomb, er um, model for you.

I did not even notice until later how the tablecloth compliments my tea print hanging on the wall :)

My mom insisted on putting a flannel backing on it so it does not slip and slide so easily, and just lays much nicer.

Today, my daughter brought me these lovely flowers, which are much needed after a rough night and morning I have been having. They're quite cheerful, don't you think?

Now, this sweet little throw pillow is a design my mom came up with because I found the little scrap of tea fabric at a "garage sale" room, during a quilt show we had attended. She found complimenting fabric and made it work! The bear is a recent $3 yard sale find.

She decided to do it slipcover style, and simply purchased a pillow form.

She has other tea fabrics for me, and we are discussing possibiliTEAS :)
As I mentioned, I have been having a rough couple of days, so I intentionally have been seeking God about it {Only wish I had done so BEFORE I created a mess!}.
Hmmmm.... still learning.
But, today's JESUS CALLING was just perfect {along with some thoughtful prayer from my sis}.

From my Instagram Post

~Heather Elizabeth~

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#MugSwap15 for Adoption

While browsing my InstaGram feed, I stumbled upon the mentioning of a mug swap. But, not just any swap, one for a cause.  Over at &

MUG SWAP 2015.jpg

hosted by she gives all of the details on how she randomly chooses an adopting family to bless, sponsors a mug swap (think secret sisters), and asks each person who signs up to donate $5.  She then blesses the chosen family with all the funds raised!  Isn't that the coolest?
She has been doing this for 5 years! 
Mark your calendar for August 1st, 2016!

This year, we raised:

Woo-hooooo!!!!! The Barnett family reported this morning that 1 of there 2 adoptions was pushed over the edge and became fully funded because of this surprise blessing!  God is so good!!!

Now for the fun I had along this journey.
First, I understood spots were limited, so I quickly filled out the online application to sign up.  The last question asked was "Is there anything else you would like me to know?"  I said, if possible, I would love someone local so we could actually meet and share drinks in our mugs together :)
I think it was that day or the next I found out 1300 people had signed up, and the swap was full {but keep watching for surprise openings...50 spots, 100 spots, etc.}.  Anyhow, I really didn't expect to be paired up so quickly & certainly not with someone local once I understood HOW BIG this thing is {I'll have to ask her how she did that!}, but on August 4th I had my Mug Swap Assignment, and she was/is just one town over!!!!
I checked her application, which led me to her Pinterest page.  I discovered her wedding was yellow, and she loves Jesus, plus has an 11 month old.  That was enough to get me started. I found this darling book for her to read to her son.

I decided to attempt decorating my own mugs with scripture.  This involved an oil based Sharpie, cleaning the mugs with alcohol, decorating and then placing in cold oven & bringing temp up to 350* & baking for 45 minutes.  Remove and let cool.  I wrote on the bottom. So I baked them upside down.  I also photographed them upside down while they were still drying & then flipped the photo :)
This was my final selection of goodies.

See the Start Each Day With a Cup of Joy print on the bag?  That was a gift download for participating. 
I included 2 mugs (1 for lefty & 1 for righty or her hubs!), an adorable tiny wood block featuring a mason jar w/this little light of mine, Magnet: If you're happy & you know it say Amen!, bookmark representing my blog, inspirational printables, stickers, oatmeal verbena soap , Burt's Bees essentials kit & a sweet little pouch to put it all in, invitation to my church  because she lives close by & she just bought a  house so I included a list of things to do in the area & little corners of social media I find to be a blessing, plus CHOCOLATE . Additionally, I prayed continually for her.

But wait! There's more!!
Today, I got everything ready & sent her a quick email that her surprise would be arriving in about 30 minutes.  I told her I was NOT dropping in, just dropping by {as in outside}, because that would just be rude ya know.  But, upon arrival, she invited me, with 4 daycare Littles in tow, into her home.  We hugged, we laughed, we shared & she loved her goodies.  She was overjoyed with the book and said she LOVES Jesus Calling but did not have this version. We even got to pray together.  It was definitely a Divine appointment. I can not wait to visit with her again.  {Thank you Heavenly Father}.

If you are interested in learning about the Barnett family, and or donating to their second adoption, here are there details:
Click here to donate to Brooke & Brian Barnett

After YEARS of trying to get pregnant & walking down the long road of infertility, and then YEARS of waiting to be placed with a baby, Brooke and Brian were finally matched with a baby girl due September 4th here in the states.....AND a toddler boy overseas that they will bring home early 2016!! We are all praising God for His provision after years of heartache & waiting.

Brooke & Brian are on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ in Norfolk, Virginia. They are some of the most passionate & hardworking people I know. They have made impacts on hundreds of lives (including my own!). They are also extremely sacrificial with their time & money. I know that adoptions can be rather expensive....and each adoption will cost them approximately $20,000 (so $40k total!). They are pursuing several ways to help with the costs. Thank you so much for helping bless this family I love so much! ~Katy (KatyGirl Designs)

Want to know how it works?
mug swap FAQ.jpg

I thought this last part was cool! "Finally, a friendly reminder that it's just a mug. The swap is meant to be something fun, a way to meet new people, make new friends, and bless others. It is not about the getting, and it's not about the mug. As the coordinator, I don't "get" a mug myself, and I find a lot of joy in just being a part of the process, I hope the same will hold true for you, no matter what shows up (or doesn't!) in your mailbox!" ~Kim

I will try to come back & post if I receive my mug. But, I've had so much fun I really don't care!!! :)

If you are on IG and search #mugswap15 you will see all of the fun that is being had!!!

Until next time lovelies, DO GOOD FOR SOMEONE :)

Heather Elizabeth

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