Sunday, March 29, 2015


4/9/15 Update: I am going through and cleaning up my blog due to a post I just read about yucky people grabbing your pic and creating new FB account, blogs, etc. to look like you and steal your identity {so you will not often see them of me}. I am also removing references to where I live, other than my home state and photos of friends and children.  One blogger stated her child's photos ended up in creepy ways on the internet, and when her hubby shared he was out of town, predators put 2 and 2 together to figure she was home alone...she found large boot prints leading from the street to the side of her house! Note - I am putting extra spaces in some words to discourage searches of specific words! BE SAFE FRIENDS. 

Welcome to my blog. I love the Lord, my kids, vintage charm, 40s music, all things TEA, 

reading Christian fiction (usually historical) and posting book reviews for those, hospitality, taking pictures, 

& surprising/blessing people. 

I live in sunny California. 

I am the mother of 2, and was a long-time H omeschool T eacher until March 2015.

I also run a L icensed H ome D aycare (since 2002).

I have 3 sweet kitties: Max, and 2 sisters Delilah & Abbey. 

I enjoy Jane Austen related things (especially movies), and for modern reading Jen Turano is a fave! You can get a better idea for what I like on my etsy or pinterest boards (links below). 

I am quirky and fun-loving, and throw out sarcasm and random accents whenever the mood strikes!

I sponsor a beautiful l-ittle g-irl in Guatemala since Valentines 2014 (Feb. 14 is her birthday!). 
Compassion International's Website

I love writing for fun, & started blogging as of Jan. 2015! Hopefully, I can make new friends while sharing some of my passions. I hope you enjoy my journey as I learn about this new adventure called blogging!
God bless you all. In Jesus name.

[Phl 4:11-13 ESV] 11 Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. 12 I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. 13 I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.


things I WOULD WANT TO KNOW about somebody if doing an “exchange”, which I love to participate in.

Highly sensitive to smells/tastes, so am very selective. Can not stand bergamot (found in Earl Grey tea), cilantro (aka coriander), bell peppers, or hot/spicy foods. I am the bane of my brother’s restaurant experience (haha).

With Tea: Madelines sold by available at Costco & now WalMart are AWESOMESAUCE (do try them), and Irish Soda Bread is a fun treat in March – served with Kerry Gold butter. Scones – blueberry with lemon curd, or a nice orange/cranberry. Have you tried Sticky Fingers brand from Cost Plus World Market?  Trader Joe's also sells some wonderful boxed mixes.  Chocolate Chip or mixed berry.  I think there is a pumpkin one, but I don't really care for pumpkin flavored stuff (sorry world!).

Cinnamon – just makes so many things better

After I turned 40 I found I suddenly like DARK chocolate – as long as it’s not bitter. Try Dove brand to see what I mean.  Or the Cadbury bar with fruit & nuts.  I just discovered dark chocolate covered marshmallows for Easter (yippee!)

Cost Plus World Market European Deep Dark Cocoa (OMG!) or Land-O-Lakes Classic DARK Hot Chocolate

I do NOT enjoy peanuts or walnuts, but I do like pecans and almonds.

Crazy for Cranberries (dried of course) - but not the chocolate covered ones.
Teas – decaf blackberry sage (Republic of Tea), Darjeeling, Twinings Christmas tea (cinnamon, cloves, spices, etc), Harney & Sons Holiday Tea, Apricot-Peach Blend – I have discovered a good quality tea is well worth it! NO chai tea, hardly any green tea, not too many herbals, never Earl Gray.  No weird (can I say that?) holiday mixed flavors (cranberry vanilla, sugar plum, gingerbread, sugar cookie, etc.). Nope, those do not float my boat. Republic of Tea & Adagio have darling travel tins if you are interested.
Honey - orange blossom, farmer's market, raw, unfiltered type honey is the bestest!!

Never coffee! Blegh. Eww. Gross. Gag!

Don’t drink alcohol and don’t smoke.

Girly things – especially if said items serve a purpose (like a teacup... you see?).

Um, not dirt... no gardening, etc.

Lavender*blue*dilly*dilly - I love lavenders and purples in my home and to wear, although not so much in my kitchen… I tend to go for pops of red & cream in there, and then autumn colors in the fall.... yes, I'm complicated (smile).

Going Green (not crazy, over the top...just doin' my part)

Words of affirmation or scriptures (in cards, signage, crafts, etc.) really speak to me.

Bunco! – but, it’s been a long time since I have had a group to play with, but it's so much fun (well, except the crazy screaming! haha).

Musica': Big band / 40s music – especially the softer stuff – Glenn Miller, Moonlight Serenade, Glen Miller, When You Wish Upon A Star. Christian Praise Music, and some old hymns (although not familiar with many, George Beverly Shea is my fave!), but if having a tea party I will most likely play classical.

Autumn is my favorite season, with the warm colors, and cozy feelings, but I absolutely do NOT celebrate Halloween.  I enjoy Christmas, and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, so I do not decorate with Santa Clause. I do like cute gingerbread figures, and lean towards a country Christmas (hunter greens, deep cranberry reds) feel.

RAoK - Random Acts of Kindness (surprising/blessing people)

Regal Edwards Movie Theater when time permits or RedBox

Trader Joe's & British shows (just because it rhymes teahee) – Downton Abbey, Pride and Prejudice (the one with Kiera Knightly), Miss Potter, Emma, PBS Masterpiece, Miss Marple Mysteries, also LOVED Leap Year (currently on Netflix) – a wonderful romance set in Ireland (would love to visit Ireland and England one day and really enjoyed the book: “A Fine Romance” (travel journal) by Susan Branch. 

Check out her fun website at - I love to read & find awesome Christian books (historical romance is my favorite, especially regency era), and there are sweet gifts on this site. Check it out!

Retro / Vintage items – not tons, but little treasures here and there that speak to me (my home is 1946),
or dish towels – (such as tea towels with chickens or scriptures or teapots or teacups embroidered on them, but also seasonal towels - useful ones, not embellished to just "look" at.)

Shabby/Chic – I like the girly feel of it. And toile with pretty English scenes, especially in lavender or soft green.

Not big on crafting, but do some here and there, never really sticking to one theme. I love the look of pretty, embroidered &/or quilted things (that other people make), but not really into the look of crocheted or knitted.  If you like, you can browse my  Blue Jeans and Teacups etsy favorites

I previously collected English Bone China Teacups and I also have a around a dozen teapots – which get good, regular use at my tea parties. I am now gifting them away, as I simply have far too many!

Some scents I enjoy: Citrus (orange, verbena, lemon), Tea Rose, Jasmin, Apple Cinnamon in autumn for candles.

Not big on jewelry any more. Don’t have much occasion to where it, but I do like some sweet, little pieces from time to time, and I do have several tea themed pieces I love. Usually lean towards silver or pewter look, not so much gold (especially shiny).

I also don't often wear makeup & certainly not expensive.  Avon or WalMart. I paint my nails once or twice a year; am a pretty simple girl.
Feel free to browse my Pinterest, especially if you enjoy looking at tea things!

I think that’s quite enough for readers to get a well-rounded picture of me! But if you have a question, just ask (-smile). Can you tell I’m an over-achiever?

Blessings to you sweet ladies!

Last Updated: 11-15-2017


  1. We are a lot alike! So glad to see someone else who doesn't like cilantro. Sometimes I think I must be the only one! (I get all kinds of surprised comments from people when they find out I hate cilantro and also cumin, do you too? LOL) Unfortunately you and I clash on coffee and ginger, I love them both! (just not together!)

    Hi from the grow your blog hop. You emailed me personally and I never got around to responding, I'm so sorry! (please accept my apology!!!). Life has been a yoyo again and it makes me very dizzy ;). I've been a terrible email replyer and blogger.

    Blessings from Jessica

  2. It is so very nice to get to know you better!

    We have quite a few things in common.

    Have a blessed Holy Week.

  3. I too enjoyed learning more about you. So many just blog to grow themselves as a business. While I do sometimes share items that I sell, I enjoy myself so much picking out the colors, enhancements and building the character I just want others to enjoy it too. Which is kinda silly because just because I like it doesn't mean
    the readers will. So that is why I mainly blog for my enjoyment. I leave the advertisement to FB and twitter.
    I enjoy your style of blogging. Since it seem you have nothing else to do, 8-) Please keep at it.

  4. This was great fun to read and we do have a lot in common. My late mother loved purple and lavender and I have many sentimental treasures (perfume bottles, Victorian lemonade set etc.) in those colors. I love to surprise people with random acts of kindness - see my blog post entitled SHEEP. We have 6 rescue cats; I so enjoyed seeing your three kitties. I rarely wear jewelry; I had our wedding rings and my late parents wedding rings designed into a necklace/lapel pin and I wear it on special occasions - nothing on my hands though!