Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sweet Blessings

Adorable package, blackberry jam on toast,
& Darjeeling Tea w/local honey & milk

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Yesterday, I unexpectedly received a lovely package in the mail from a sweet sister in Christ.  Today's blog post is dedicated to her.
It was a hectic day, and I was plum tuckered out!!  I knew I would enjoy opening it, but I wanted to wait until I could truly savor the moment.
This morning I awoke and got ready, made tea and toast, and headed to the front porch with my package and a little quite time with my Savior.

Happily, our Cali weather changed to overcast; my favorite. Here is a glimpse of my backyard this morning: 

I wish you could smell the overwhelming fragrance of the orange tree today!

Anyway, Max wanted to see what I got too!

And here are all the pretties: 
Lace, Washi Tape, Scripture, Bling, Pretties - hooray!
I L-O-V-E scripture to enhance, well, anything! I received scripture tea, scripture on stickers, and scripture with bling.  I also love bling, but in tasteful ways like this. These sweet little card attachments will probably be used as lovely book marks since I love to read, and bookmarks are wonderful ways to remember the person who gave it, and keep them in prayer.  The Friendship Tea note cards are actually sitting in my wish-list at  My friend had no way of knowing that!  Isn't that fun?! 
Now, when I opened the little bag on the left, inside was this sweet little treasure that seriously brought tears to my eyes.  It just touched me so much to have received it.  I had admired them when she made them, and to be called friend is such a gift!

Finally, inside the tissue was this gorgeous towel in soft green with dark green lace.  It will be perfect for my shelf for St. Patrick's day!
A huge hug and thank you to Stephanie, my sweet friend and newest sister. God bless you!

I also wanted to share with you these amazing seasonal cards from Ann Voskamp:  
CLICK HERE for free printable

 They are free at her website: A Holy

You can click the link, close the pop-up window and scroll down to FREE TOOLS.  It is currently the first box and says Lent to Repent when you hover over it.  It is really cool, because it gives you something to fast from each day to help you grow closer to Christ between now and Easter.  I didn't let the fact that I didn't start on time stop me, because every day with Christ is important!  I hope it blesses you too sweet sisters.

-Hugs and a cup of tea,
Heather Elizabeth


  1. There's nothing any more fun than to receive a package from a friend..... bloggy friend or real-time friend. :)
    Love your beautiful gifts.

    1. Indeed. Especially when it is a total surprise! :) Welcome to my blog BJ.

  2. I'm following thru Google Friends Connect....:)

  3. What a lovely gift, and I don't blame you for waiting for a nice quiet moment to open it, it adds to the anticipation.


    1. Yes it does Diana. I was never a kid to open Christmas presents early. I loved the anticipation!

  4. What a blessing!
    I love Ann Voskamp!
    May you have a wonderful Sunday!

    1. Thanks Michelle. I hope you enjoyed yours as well!

  5. Oh, I love the anticipation too :) I wish I could have joined you for tea, my friend. I'm so glad everything arrived safely and I had to smile about the note cards being on your CBD wishlist. I wonder what else we both have on our wishlists that may be the same.....

    You are a blessing! I am so thankful the Lord allowed our paths to cross. Hugs to you!

  6. Oh my. I found your blog via your comments at Shirley's and am so glad to have found you; we have a GREAT deal in common! I'll be adding you to my feed reader and stopping by often.

    What an amazing package to have received from your friend ~ such a treat!