Sunday, February 15, 2015

RAoK, and Tea for Two

At the Off Ramp
Twas a long line of cars
At the off-ramp I sat
Watching a man up ahead
With a sign in his hand
“Just hungry” I read
And my heart skipped a beat
Knowing full well he was “the least of these”
I sent up a prayer, and with a quick glance
Two breakfast bars in my console
I had just by chance
Rolling my window and easing my car slow
I stretched out my hand saying,
“Here you go.”
He jumped; quite surprised,
and there was joy on his face
He grabbed at the goodies
as I had to make haste.
“God bless you.” I said
And passed through the light,
The last thing I heard was “Woo-hoo!”
As I drove out of sight.
My heart was so full
It made my day
I hope yours is too
Dear reader I pray.

-by: Heather 2/15/15


I recently ordered some old movies from Amazon, including this one - Tea for Two with the lovely Doris Day.  I settled in with a cup of brand new blueberry tea sent to me by my Pen-Pal, Shondra (thanks friend!).  It was tea-lightful and the movie was lots of fun!  The one-liners were just great!
Click HERE for a little snippet.

Here are some roses just for you dear friends!
Have a blessed evening. Hugs and a cup of tea,
Heather Elizabeth


  1. I am grinning from ear-to-ear :) Such a sweet act of kindness, my friend. One time I was in line at a drive-thru waiting for my meal and when I pulled up to the window to pay I told the cashier I would like to pay for the lady in the car behind me....I had no idea who she was, but simply wanted to do something random and it was so much fun :)

    Congratulations on winning! May you have many happy hours of reading. Hugs to you!

  2. Wonderful poem - so glad you won that surprise - and ADORED the snippet "
    Tea for Two" with lovely Doris Day! She was such a cutie - she reminds me of childhood for sure.

  3. Love the random act of kindness. My hubby and I was eating at IHop one morning and when we went to pay for our meal, we were told it had already been paid by a gentleman sitting across from us. So blessed!

  4. Well done on your win. I loved the poem and the RAoK. Good for you.


  5. Hi, Heather!

    Congratulations! That is an awesome package!
    Very good poem. Well done!
    You can't go wrong with Doris Day!

    Have a great Sunday!