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Book Review The Governess of Highland Hall

The Governess of Highland Hall (Edwardian Brides Book 1)
by: Carrie Turansky

The Governess of Highland Hall, Edwardian Brides Series #1   -     By: Carrie Turansky
I REALLY enjoyed this story about missionary Julia Foster and recent estate baronet of Highland Hall, Sir William and read it in two days, not wishing to put it down.  The quote on the cover from another excellent author, Julie Klassen, really captures my feelings: “There is much to like about The Governess of Highland Hall: A sweet, noble heroine, a proud, yet vulnerable hero, and a Downton Abbey inspired setting.”  Interestingly, I had not read that quote until after finishing the book, yet I found myself envisioning a Downton Abbey setting along with similar characters – Mr. Lawrence as Mr. Carson, a cranky version of Mrs. Patmore who is I pictured for Mrs. Emmitt based on description, rather than Mrs. Hughes. 

Opening in 1911, Berkshire England, Julia is on her way to interview for a governess job so she will have money to take care of her parents.  She and her family have just returned to England due to her father’s poor health after serving 12 years in India.  Sir William has very recently inherited a country estate, which comes with two belligerent teenage nieces.  He and his young children, Andrew and Millie along with a handicapped sister, Sarah, have left London for a fresh start, since he has been widowed and rocked by scandal.  Those experiences have swayed his faith to the point he is no longer truly growing in Christ.  Julia’s arrival seems a divine appointment for what the family needs.

This book is filled with faith and scripture; a TRUE Christian novel (not an impostor) -hands clapping.

It reaches across the barriers of social classes and has characters interacting in more human ways which was both interesting and real in a way I enjoyed.  Plus the setting is lovely.  I personally felt the book was very approachable without shoving to many period facts or fancy words down my throat.  There are some period books I keep my phone handy just to look up the many period references and historical words throughout.  But, with this book I could truly just enjoy the story. 
Currently available at Target (I saw it yesterday!), as well as 
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I am definitely looking forward to Book 2: The Daughter of Highland Hall.
5 out of 5 teacups toasting!

Things that are included: Reader’s Guide (which I never use)

Carrie is very sweet and approachable online.

I received a copy as a birthday gift and opinions are my own.
© 2013 Multinomah Books – a Div. of Random House
Read: 02/03&04/2015   Reviewed: 02/05/2015


  1. Thank you for your wonderful and honest review, Heather. I saw this book at CBD and have it on my wishlist - now I must get it :)

    Enjoy your Thursday! Hugs!

    1. Hi again Stephanie,
      Scroll down the comments, and you will see that the AUTHOR has posted here! :) Heads up, book #2 picks up right where book #1 ends (although you can read them separate), and it is just as good as book #1. Both are at Target right now :)
      Hugs and a cup of tea,
      ~Heather Elizabeth

  2. :) Oh good! Glad it helped :)
    You as well. Hugs and a cup of tea,
    ~Heather Elizabeth

  3. You and I love all the same things- thank you for your visit. I am your newest follower now. : - )

    I def want to look these books up - they sound WONDERFUL!!! (And great gifts too, I bet!)

  4. Looks like a good book!
    I like how you let us readers know it most assuredly has Faith & Scripture.
    A true Christian book. Sometimes a book leaves the reader wondering about the author.
    I also like that Julie Klassen has indeed endorsed this book. Thank you!

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    2. Hi Michelle,
      I can't recall if I emailed you already, but I did wish to make sure and respond. If you look below your comment THE AUTHOR has posted in the comments (oh, happy day!). I'm happy to be of help and the Christianity of a book is always of concern to me. Book 2 is just as good! (see my reply to Carrie Turansky below).
      God Bless You!!! ~Hugs and a cup of tea,
      ~Heather Elizabeth

  5. Hi Heather, what a kind and thoughtful review of The Governess of Highland Hall. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the story. I've loved researching the time period which included visiting England as I wrote this series. Book 2, The Daughter of Highland Hall is availalble now, and I am just finishing book 3, A Refuge at Highland Hall this month. It will be available in October. I am so thankful Books 1 and 2 are available at most Targets. This gives me a chance to connect with readers who might never go into a Christian bookstore. My prayer is that my stories will touch hearts and draw people closer to the Lord as they enjoy the journey with my characters. It sounds like we have many things in common - a love for good books, Jane Austen, tea, homeschooling, and our love for the Lord. I'm very happy to connect with you here on your blog! Blessings and happy reading.

    1. Hello Carrie! How fun to open this today and find your comments here :) I love connecting with authors! I am actually 2/3 of the way through book #2! I had received both for Christmas and finally got time to read them. I am wonderfully excited that the story line of book #2 picks up so quickly after book #1 ends. I am LOVING book 2 and am very happy with Kate's development, and I adore Jon. I just be posting a review for it very soon! :)