Sunday, October 13, 2019

Teacup PJs - An Autumn Stew - A Flat Tire

Hello friends! It's been a minute, so I thought I would pop in and share (smile).
I found the cutest teacup pajamas at WalMart on Friday. 
I am always on the lookout for those and it is quite hard to find non-coffee themed ones! 
I thought some of you might be interested as well (for yourself or a gift).
They come in sizes from S to 3X and are sold in separates. $10 top and $10 bottom.

Last week my sister and nieces were visiting.  We made an autumn soup I recommend. And by we, I mean that I threw a bunch of ingredients at my sister (who is a whiz in the kitchen) and she brought my ideas to life!

We used the other 2/3 can of coconut milk in the cornbread.
You could use regular milk and adjust to your desired thickness.
Pink salt is really good for you, but you can use regular salt to
taste as well. Sprouts also has an autumn soup if
you do not have a Trader Joe's nearby.
I am thankful that I found a screw in my right rear tire. 
Yes, that's an odd one, BUT hang on ;)
I practically never go out front after dark.  
Thankfully, Thursday night I did.  
I almost always park the passenger side of my van close to the bushes so I have more room to walk on the driver side.
Thankfully, Thursday I did not, so I randomly walked next to the passenger side of the car AND I noticed the right rear tire was completely flat!
I was able to call AAA (9pm) and schedule an early morning appointment for them to come put my spare tire on. Thankful for AAA & not having to attempt this myself!
This was happening on a Friday.  I never know which days I will need to go pick up my daycare Littles and drop them at school. Friday, I was not needed. 
Thank you Jesus!
I took the tire to Sam's Club and there was a 3-hour wait.  But the kind senior tech allowed me to leave the tire there and go about my business, He let me know the screw was just on the edge of "maybe ok / maybe not" for patching per regulation guidelines.  If another tech did my tire, he might not patch it and prefer to sell me a new tire, but because this tech had been doing it 30 years, he was confident he could plug it for me.
 Thankful again!
"How much will it cost?", I asked
"It's free because you bought the tire from us", he said
Everything worked out great and I was able to get the patched tire reinstalled that afternoon with very little inconvenience.
God is so good!

I have a ton of fun with my daycare Littles and they continually surprise me. Friday, this little guy (disguised for internet privacy) came up with this:
When I asked him to write his name on the bottom of his paper, he wrote random letters (giggling of course).  I said, That's not how you spell your name.  He countered, Yes it is. More giggles. Then asked what it spelled. I said, Tiormplak. [Totally sounds like a Star Trek name to me, btw.].  So, he told me, My name is Tiormplak. I'm half Swedish (he's not at all, but a good family friend is - hahaha), half Mexican (that is true), and half gummy bears! Well, who isn't? :)

Today in my cup / Pukka Revitalise - 
a burst of warming organic cinnamon bark, orange peel, elderflower, cardamom pod, licorice root, ginger root, green tea, spearmint leaf, clove bud, black peppercorn. Made in the U.K.

Bottom of box: Naturally made with care.
This lovely design is printed with vegetable ink on card from renewable sources and is recyclable; the string on each bag is organic; and because we do not staple our bags, they are wildlife-friendly yo compost. Add to that 100% non-GM ingredients, and you have incredible tasting tea that is good for you, as well as the planet.

I thought this was good information since there is a bunch of hype right now on the internet about plastics being in teabags.  However, if you are interested, check out what The Tea Maestro has to say:
"Plant-based biodegradable fabric, not plastic, is the industry trend."
Read his full October 9, 2019 post at:
Tea Maestro Bruce Richardson has served on the advisory board for the Specialty Tea Institute of America and Fresh Cup magazine. He has been active in America's tea culture for 30 years and is a frequent lecturer at tea events around the world. 

Hugs and a Cup of Tea!

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  1. Thanks for the PJs tip, and I especially appreciate your thankfulness about the flat tire. Love your attitude about it all!