Monday, September 2, 2019

Been Under the Weather

Well, I have spent the majority of Labor Day weekend with a head cold so watching movies, reading books, drinking tea and snuggling kitties were the highlights.
I also was very fortunate that I made my Broccoli Soup the day before I started getting sick and with just me, it's good for several servings - perfect when you're sick and don't want to cook. I sauteed some chicken thighs to add to it.  It's quite healthy and without cheese, so it's just warm and comforting.
Here's that recipe if you are interested.
I just finished the following book and highly recommend it!
Available where books are sold 10/1/2019
A Distance Too Grand – American Wonders Collection Book 1 Revell Publishing © Oct 1, 2019

•*• Well Done Story Featuring the Grand Canyon before it was a Natl. Park •*•
I thoroughly enjoyed this story and read late into the night and then woke to finish it.  It is well written and moves along nicely. 
1871 Ft. Wilverton, AZ Territory
Meg Pero, a budding photographer, has just lost her father, Matthew Pero who taught her everything she knows.  She has a government contract, which is technically his, but was written for M. Pero and she intends to fulfill it and make a name for herself in the process. She is 26, talented, opinionated, beautiful and smart. “But you’re a woman. Women aren’t photographers.”, the corporal said.
Cpt. Benjamin Coleridge has a survey job to do and he needs an able-bodied photographer to get it done.  He’d heard Matthew Pero would be that man, even looked forward to seeing him again after several years. But he had no idea his feisty daughter would show up in his place, the woman who’d broken his heart.
This story is full of adventure as a team that includes two young privates, Dot the spunky cook and her cartographer husband, Hank, eager-to-prove-himself Corporal Adams and the grumpy guide, Mr. Pike set out into the Grand Canyon with horses, wagons, and mules. Cpt. Coleridge is hoping to find some evidence as to the whereabouts of his missing father Col. Coleridge.
Adventure, discovery and mayhem wind through the canyon with the group and I enjoyed every minute of it.
Tea Quotes: 1. “Oh sit down,” Dot said with a wave of her free hand. “This is an expedition, not a fancy tea. Meet Meg Pero. She’s our photographer.”
2. Dot had figured out how to turn the most plentiful plant in the area – pine – into a nourishing and refreshing tea.
Faith Moment: Directly in front of her the highest point was a fist of golden white stone, pointing to the heavens as if to remind her there was someone else above all this. Her Creator.
Tear Inducing Moment – I won’t give this away, but it was an incredibly kind and unexpected moment that made me cry. : “I realized I was the closest to you in size. I hope I won’t offend you, but I thought you might find use for these.” She held out the bundle.
History: There are good notations in the back of the book by the author about The Grand Canyon which I enjoyed.  She also shares a bit about her upcoming story which is set Yellowstone – the world’s 1st Natl. Park. I cannot wait!

Netgalley and the publisher kindly sent me an eBook in the hopes of a favorable review, with no further compensation or expectation. All opinions are my own.
5 Stars

Until next time, hugs and a cup of tea - and if you are lucky, maybe a cuddle from a furry friend ;)
Heather Elizabeth


  1. This looks like a great read (and soup recipe!)! Hope you are feeling better soon :)

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon! (But aren't books a great way to recuperate!)

  3. Keep well, hot soup, snuggling kittens and a good book sounds pretty good to me :)