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About a week ago, as some of you may recall, I blogged about a new author.  Well, “as way leads on to way”, a former teacup swap-partner (Hi Sam!) sent me an email and she said I might enjoy another new author and lover of all things tea and Jesus! She introduced me to June.  After looking up her blog and her new book I decided to take a chance and rather than just putting her book on my online “want to read” lists, I ordered the paperback, which I actually had enough Amazon points saved up to cover - YAY! I received it in yesterday’s afternoon post, bumped it to the top of my pile, brewed a cup of Teavana Youth Berry tea
and wandered into the garden to stage some pictures I hoped would complement the story. I kicked off my shoes and began as the breezes blew gently and the birds sang sweetly.

Friends, I cannot recommend this book enough, or rate it high enough!  This book fed my soul and should truly be sold with a box of tissues.  I read about two-thirds last night and then woke up and grabbed a cup of Harney and Son’s Chocolate Black Tea topped with Reddi Wip to finish the book smiling and crying throughout.

•°o•:*:•. The Estate Sale (The Legacy Series#1)  –  
by June Chapko  .•:*:• o°•
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The story is richly woven and begins with 97-year-old Mary Ludwig who is not long for this world.  She has engaged her nurse and friend, Emily Tucker, to help settle her estate, planning a very special sale after she retires to be with the Lord.  She has also enlisted her trusted attorney Seth Gardley. Flyers are given to: Rita Crawford, a struggling artist who loves Chai, whom Mary enjoyed discussing art with; Sheila Jennings, a neighbor and garden pal of Mary’s deceased twin, Bertha; Blanca Moreno, a local bus driver and single mom to her daughter Briana who has struggled for over 20 years since her husband, Carlos, walked out on them.
Spotting the ads in the paper are: Betty Langley who collects vintage hats, has a large curio cabinet filled with teacups and other collectibles, age 48, never been married and has her own publishing company. 
Kathy Hills (Kat) is a college student and her dad, Brian, works for Boeing.  It’s just the two of them these days, since her mom passed away.
Prior to the estate sale, they had never laid on eyes on each other.  After, their lives will never be the same.  The sale brings them together in a very unique way and they begin “doing life together”. Sometimes that means celebrating.  Other times its supporting dreams or dealing with tragedy or even something sinister.  It is truly special, packed with emotion, love and friendship set mostly in and around San Antonio, TX.
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Spiritual Moments: Well, this entire book is a journey filled with faith, but I did not find it to be in-your-face preachy.  Just comfortable, the way friends who love Jesus weave Him into their everyday lives.  I loved it. “When I was younger, and mom was alive, we had a rocking chair in a corner of the living room. Mom called it her prayer corner. She kept her Bible on the little side table and after reading a while she would rock quietly.”

Tea Moment (there are plenty throughout for this tea lovin girl): “Betty prepared a cup of Margaret’s Hope tea (which I learned is a Darjeeling tea – my favorite!) and slipped easily into her recliner, adjusting the doily that protected the arm.”

Modern story, told in third person. Also of note, the quality of the paperback is very nice. It’s rather heavy with 207 nice, sturdy pages. It would make a lovely gift and I am already making a mental list of who I will share it with!  Fun recipes in the back as well. 

Paperback and eVersions available on Amazon.


(c) Oct. 1, 2018, Franklin Scribes Publ. 
5+ Stars
I purchased this book and am offering my opinions without any compensation or expectation.
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Click here for June's Website
Connect with the author at JunesTeacupTreasures dot com or on FB at June Chapko. Please join me in praying for June and her novel writing ministry/legacy.  

Now here is a bit of teatime fun I spotted on Instagram! :)


  1. This definitely sounds like a book I would enjoy, so I'm headed over to check it out right now. Thanks for all you do to support authors, Heather! :)

    1. Oh, I really think you would Angela! I hope you snag a copy :)