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The Reluctant Duchess Book Review

The Reluctant Duches – Ladies of the Manor- Book#2, 
Roseanna M. White, Bethany House Publ.

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Really enjoyed this new-to-me author. In short, dangerous and faith filled, Edwardian romance, set in August 1912 Lochaber, Highlands, Scotland and further in Nottingham, England.

I enjoyed the strong Scottish dialect of Lady Rowena Kinnaird and her clan. She is so broken by life and family torment in the beginning, and she is brutally attacked by the man who she has given her heart to.  She becomes plagued by the nightmare of what happened to her, making it extremely difficult to move forward.  
Brice Myerston, the Duke of Nottingham and most eligible bachelor in England, has his own share of troubles he is dealing with.  The Fire Eyes are rare diamonds he has been entrusted to protect form devious foes, Lady Pratt and her brother, Lord Rushworth, and he desires no distractions.  However, when he comes into contact with Lady Rowena and discovers he may be the only one who can protect her, he is faced with a moral dilemma.  He is an interesting character in that he continually prays and “listens” for the voice of God, which he DOES hear.  I love that he is so in tune with the Lord.
This story has complex twists and turns, and various villains will make appearances, which kept me interested. I definitely want to read book #3.

Scriptural Reference:
P.244 “Ye’ve read your Bible, Mr. Abbott, I ken ye have.  So tell me.  What do ye make of the fact that Saul went to a medium and called Samuel up from the dead”? “Or perhaps ye’d prefer a New Testament example, since ye’re all about the modern and enlightened.  So what of when the graves opened and the dead were seen walking about after our Lord’s death?” Or the way the disciples prayed over a handerkerchief and sent it to the sick, and they were healed – proving power can be put on an object, aye?” And so curses could be too. Why were they willing to believe in the one but not the other?”
**Now, I will say, this was the only scriptural reference I recall, save a brief reminder from the Lord (pg.294 “And Joseph was minded to put her away quietly…but an angel appeared to him in a dream-”} and the only mention of Jesus [our Lord’s death], which was well into the book and had me wondering up to that point.  Brice prays regularly, but you don’t really see people reading The Word, or referencing scripture in general.  The scriptures referenced above were meant to prove a point by Rowena who believes in ghosts and curses, fairies and spirits, common in her heritage and folklore.  I tend to believe that the devil will use anything he can to distract us from God and lead us astray.  I think it is important to acknowledge where things actually come from vs. believing in some mystical and mysterious folklore.  Darkness is encouraged by satin and the light is directed by the hand of God, our Lord and Saviors Jesus Christ.  I mention these things only for the Christian who looks for such detail in a review, and appreciates them like I do.  Further, the Bible is clear we are not to dabble in things such as mediums, fortune telling, witchcraft, etc. I also enjoyed the references about missionary, George Mueller, a man of great faith.  I do recommend the book.  It is a good and interesting story and it is my privilege to be included in Roseanna M. White’s Influencer List and I received this copy for no compensation.  My opinion is my own.

HHHHH (5 stars)
Read: 4/2&3/2016
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