Saturday, April 23, 2016

FAIR PLAY a book review

Fair Play Deanne Gist
•°o•:*:•. PG-13 or higher .•:*:• o°•
Very disappointing.  This book seems to be trying to cater to two different audiences; Christian and secular. I kept expecting the tone of inspiring lust to change, but instead it continued to build.  It made me very uncomfortable to read.  I kept thinking about my best friend that I share books with, who then passes them to her teenage daughter.  I would never want her to read this book. 
Ch. 4 Pg., 32 “She would start her new job with a new gown, a new hat, new gloves, new stockings, and the most wicked undergarments she’d ever owned.” Her risqué undergarments get referenced repeatedly throughout the novel.
The story takes place at the 1893 World’s Fair, the same as the first book in the series, but only once do we “glimpse” the original characters from book one, so they are both stand-alone books.  Dr. Billy Jack Tate has hung her shingle in the exciting town of Chicago, and is pushing the odds to attempt to run her own practice.  She has an outstanding resume, but people are prejudice against female doctors. Hunter is a Texas Ranger on loan to the Fair.  The story is ripe for an enjoyable diversion, and exploration as they get to know each other.  Instead, this book delves deeply into the deplorable conditions of the west side tenements, the disgusting jails, where children are kept with men who have syphilis and half their tongues are missing, and hookers, and other criminals, while they all share the same cup for drinking, and trough for relieving themselves.  That’s just one example of the details shared!  The two main characters are constantly drawn to each other, and think about each other provocatively. Ch. 53 Pg. 404 “Shaking her head, she started soaping and washing her instruments…. He admired the view, mesmerized by the jiggling that occurred while she scrubbed.”  So much of this was throughout the book, it became an annoying distraction. In addition, there is rape, and murder of innocents.  Just because the author found these deplorable conditions in her research, does not mean we, the readers, want to sit back to enjoy a pleasant evening reading, and be slapped in the face with all of it.  I did finish the book, in order to give it my best effort, but I can not, in good conscience recommend this book.
H (1 star)
Read: 04/21&22/2016
I purchased this book from Christian Book Discounters (CBD) and my opinion is my own.
SERIES: World’s Fair Series
It Happened At The Fair –  Book #1 – April 2013
Fair Play – Book #2 – May 2014
Tiffany Girl – Book #3 – May 2015
Pressings Matters Publ. Co., Inc., - Howard Books


  1. Thank you for being honest! I do not enjoy books with this type of content! And even though the description sounds really good, this is one I will not be reading. I do not know why authors feel a need to include certain elements. Makes me sad.

    1. Thank you for posting a comment Rachel. I just went over to your blog, and YAY found a contest for a book that is actually on my CBD wish list!! :) I am now following several new and fun places thanks to you. Have a very blessed day!! :)

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