Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Trip to Target (Harney & Sons, Tea Varieties, A Shark!)

According to the web: 
January is HOT TEA MONTH
(iced tea only gets a day - June 10th)

I want to share with you the amazing selection of tea available at Target these days.
They have really impressed me, particularly when they added Harney & Sons tea tins.  Tea tins are highly collectible to some, and I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to them here.
Harney & Sons are the pretty, square tins in the center of the photo.  Inside are lovely tea sachets.  After studying it carefully, I am pretty sure when you get the seasonal tea at Trader Joe's it is Harney & Sons.

I just finished reading a great article about John Harney in the Jan/Feb. 2015 issue of Tea Time magazine (found at Barnes and Noble), pg. 54.  
The articles shares:
John passed away in June 2014.  He was an orphan, a farm laborer, a Marine, an Irishman, a student at Cornell's School of Hotel & Restaurant Mgmt., an Inn Keeper, a husband, a father, a man of faith, and then in 1980 purchaser of the Sarum Tea Co. in Salisbury, CT.
Sarum is the original, Latin name for Salisbury in England.
John only offered 6 teas at that time.  Later he would rename the company Harney Tea, and finally Harney & Sons, even though his sons had not yet joined the business :)
He held the first-of-its-kind tea summit in 1993, in his living room with his wife Elyse with just 6 tea minded friends, but that would grow to 300 tea enthusiasts, and eventually there would be thousands that John would lovingly help educate in the ways of tea.  Today, the U.S. drinks 4x more tea than in the 1990s.
John Harney (photo from Tea Time Mag.)
More Interesting Information about Harney & Sons Here:

Here are some more of the teas at Target. Note how Tazo Teas (a Starbucks Corp.) shows you the Caffeine Content from Caffeine Free to 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 bubbles right on the front!  I have not tried their tea, but I do appreciate the easy to read information!

Also at Target last night, I picked up this beauty!  I have to say I LOATHE floors! But, alas, cleaning them is a necessary evil.  Why has no one invented hover shoes for my guests?
A friend let me borrow her shark a couple of times last week.  It was wonderful!  Pour in distilled water (very important to use distilled because she ruined one using tap water), plug in and mop.  No chemicals, just extra hot steam.  My floor has never been so clean! She informed me she paid around $100 at WalMart for her "basic model". BUT WAIT... This upgraded model, which has attachments, is usually $140 at Target, but currently on sale for $99 through 1/31/15! Whoo-hoo!  Now my floors will be beautiful for my next tea party!


  1. Very interesting information about the tea company. A shark for your floors? I would love to find something to clean our hardwood floors. Not sure if the steam would be good here at this time of year though. Because of the cold our boards are gapping ever so slightly even though the house is well heated. I'll definitely check this out in the spring.

  2. Thanks for this info. I purchased my first tin of Harney & Sons tea a couple of months ago from a small tea room but, they only had one kind, "Paris" I enjoy it so much but didn't know where to find more of others. I live an hour's drive from a large town and will go to target when I go back. I am following you now!