Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kicking off my blog with something I love - BOOKS!

I really enjoy reading Christian Fiction, and my absolute favorite author is Jen Turano.  Her books are faith filled, funny as heck and charming. When I get one, I can NOT put it down and ache for the next one to arrive.
She just defined Influencer copies of her books, which I found most interesting.

12/5/2015: Since it's a little confusing, ARC copies compared to Influencer copies:
If you'd like to be an influencer (see definition/expectations in the gray box below if you are unfamiliar with the term), I'm asking that you commit to doing at least FIVE things to help get the word out about the book from off this list:
• Post a review on as many book review sites as you have accounts on, such as Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, CBD.com, Lifeway, etc. (You can copy and paste.)
• Write a post/review for your personal blog
• Email or Face-to-Face recommend the book to people you think would like the book
• Pin the Cover from a book buying site and add your thoughts about the book on Pinterest, or pin about a giveaway contest for the book.
• Vote/Add After a Fashion onto a Listopia List on Goodreads or talk about it in a Goodreads group you're a member of and add it to your bookshelf.
• Donate or giveaway the book after you've read it to someone you think would like it and talk about it.
• Request your church library, public library, and/or local bookstore to carry the book.
• If you find a line or short passage from the book you like, tweet, add a quote to Goodreads, or create a Pinterest picture with the quote.
How is an Influencer different than a Reviewer? 
An Influencer wants to help the author with his/her promotion.
• agree to positively influence for an author in exchange for a free copy of the book--if they do not like the book enough to say anything positive, they follow the rule of "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." (Whereas a reviewer can say whatever they want.)
• --if an influencer dislikes the book--they should try to give the copy of the book away to someone they think might like the book and possibly naturally influence for it. (Though the receiver of the influencer's copy is under no obligation.)
• read the book pretty quickly upon receiving it so that their reviews, etc. happen near the book's release date.
• try to think of every possible way to tell their friends and readers of the genre about the book and commit to doing a handful of them.... by: Posting reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, their blogs, etc.; Sharing their reviews, book giveaways I might be running, or anything else related to the book on social media avenues such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.; Telling their friends, etc. - Thanks, Jen.

Jen's next 2 books are scheduled 2015 via Bethany House Publishing.  I highly recommend www.CBD.com which generally has the best prices.

MARCH 2015

My H H H H H review links for Jen's previous books.

Note: this one is a Novella that was written AFTER writing her first 2 books.  As she shared with me, "that was my editor's idea - I'd already finished the first two books in the series when she asked me if I'd be willing to do a novella to give people a taste of my writing before book 1 came out - I must admit, I'd never written a short story before but it was fun." -Jen

A Change of Fortune (Ladies of Distinction, #1)

A Most Peculiar Circumstance (Ladies of Distinction, #2)

A Talent for Trouble (Ladies of Distinction, #3)

A Match of Wits (Ladies of Distinction, #4)


  1. I have yet to read a book written by Jen Turano, but she is on my list. I have heard wonderful things about her writing. Thanks for sharing :) Hugs to you!

  2. I'm an avid reader but have not tried this author. I just found a christian author Terry Blackstock. She has several series out that are very good. I fund her at a used book store. I will go to amazon and see if I can find Jen Turano. Will you suggest a good book to start with?