Sunday, February 2, 2020

Dad in Hospital and The Brightest of Dreams by Susan Anne Mason

Welcome, February!
I hope you are all doing well. I cannot believe January is behind us.  It truly flew by for me!  Dad has been in the hospital, and we are awaiting test results to return from Stanford, so please pray for a positive outcome if it be the Lord's will.  This came on rather suddenly and his pain has been nearly unbearable at times. My main prayers are for his comfort and for actual help, not just treating symptoms, but actual healing & if the Lord deems fit to take him Home, then may it not be long-suffering for my sweet daddy.  Thanks all!

In the meantime, he has been playing jokes on the nurses, lightening the burden for them and himself.  He waits until they have their stethoscope on his chest and then hums deep and long completely freaking them out since it sounds so weird! I live 4 hours away, so it was a blessing to go and be with him last weekend.


One of my daycare Littles matter-of-factly prayed: "Father God, please help Grampa keep playing jokes on the nurses. In Jesus name, Amen."  He is a character in his own right!  This next picture is of him giving the stinkeye to a lady who left her cart directly in our path and got in her car.

I hope that makes you smile as it does me!

Now for a book review from a sweet author I highly recommend.  Her 3rd book in this series comes out Tuesday.

The Brightest of Dreams – Canadian Crossings #3 - by Susan Anne Mason
Following WWI, three strangers boarded the SS Olympic and became friends with similar quests. This final story follows Quinten Aspinall as he searches for his three missing siblings who were shipped from Derbyshire, England to Canada, without his mother’s consent, on an orphan ship to become indentured servants.
“The war was over. He’d survived. A major accomplishment to say the least. Yet that blessing paled when he thought about the fate that had befallen his family. Becky, Cecil, and little Harry. Lord, keep them safe – wherever they are.”
After informing his employer of his plans, he is tasked with also bringing back the Earl’s niece, Julia Holloway, who left with a wounded soldier to be his caregiver and make her own way in the world. 
 Arriving in Toronto, Quinn makes his way to the charming Mrs. Chamberlain’s boarding house from the previous books. Julia and Quinn are drawn together in unexpected ways that go far beyond him retrieving her from Canada; some dangerous, some tense, some sweet. *“I found a charming eatery on the next street. I doubt they have true English tea, but I’m willing to brave it if you are.” She gave a light laugh that went straight to his chest.  “I’ve yet to find a truly good cup of tea,” she said, “though Mrs. Chamberlain’s came very close.”

**“Everything about Julia – her beauty both inside and out – drew him to her like a bee to nectar.”
***“He, Grace, and Emma had come to Canada, each with their own hopes and dreams for the future. And after enduring hardship and loss, they had all found their path. Surely the hand of God had been on their lives every step of the way.”
The relationship between Mrs. C and the Reverend was very sweet.  The difficulties of the young siblings, particularly Harry were sad to read, but not unlike the situations of the orphan train children here in America.
The COVER is fantastic featuring Quinten in period clothing, with gentle street lamps behind him.
I enjoyed reading the author’s endnotes about Dr. Barnardo’s homes and the thousands of children sent to Canada from England, particularly how little had been written about them.
I recommend this story if you enjoy drama and romance in a historical setting.

Thank you to the publisher / author who sent me a review copy. My honest opinion is my own without expectation or compensation.

Canadian Crossings Series
1 TheBest of Intentions – Grace Abernathy’s story 07/2018
2 TheHighest of Hopes – Emmaline Moore’s story 03/05/2019
3 The Brightest of Dreams - Quinten Aspinall’s story 02/04/2020
Connect with the author at 

Residing in Brampton, Ontario, Canada with her husband, children and cats; Susan describes her writing style as ‘romance sprinkled with faith’ She loves incorporating inspirational messages of God’s unconditional love and forgiveness into her characters’ journeys.

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  1. I'll be praying for dear dad. Please let us know how he is doing.