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Flights of Fancy – Romantic Dramedy that ticks ALL the Boxes

Today is RELEASE DAY for Flights of Fancy – American Heiresses Series Book 1 by Jen Turano - Be sure to scroll past my review to read a fun, real-life story from Jen!

•*• Romantic Dramedy that ticks ALL the Boxes •*•
I really don’t know how Jen Turano can wield a pen rather like a magic wand and hit every box I hope for from Romance to Drama to Comedy to Danger to Faith to Historic Charm to Interesting Characters – including wonderful animals (Oh, the animals) and adorable children.  And she does it all inside ONE BOOK!  She truly never disappoints and remains number 1 on my go-to authors list!

1885 Newport, NY –
Part of the New York Four Hundred, Isadora Delafield has been groomed since birth to flawlessly comport herself at every social affair with the hopes of her mother that she will acquire only the most elite of husbands.  Much to her mother’s delight and her own horror, a vile duke with a questionable past begins pursuing her. 
“What a wonderful sense of humor you have, darling, but do know that you might want to allow the duke more time to become better acquainted with you before you bring out that humor again.  We wouldn’t want him to conclude you have a sarcastic side, would we?”

With no time to waste, decisions are made to help Isadora escape where no one would ever think to look for her. “Beatrix narrowed her eyes. “How in the world did your family butler, Mr. Godkin, and my family butler, Mr. Hatfield, get involved in what I’m going to assume is some type of outlandish plan?””

Canonsburg, PA
Ian MacKenzie is a self-made businessman, who has been able to climb the ladder of success with the help of his charming Aunt Birdie and Uncle Amos.  As all manner of chaos descends on Glory Manor, his horrified housekeeper up and quits leaving him in desperate need of a new one. Ian has a big heart, and ahem, a big chest.  While he tries to be all business, he has trouble maintaining that side around the newly arrived Izzie.

TEA MOMENT: “We were about to get some tea.” “Then I’ve arrived just in time.” As Ian took her arm and Jonathon walked on the other side of her, Isadora soon found herself seated at the best table in the tearoom.
(Humorous) FAITH MOMENT: Aunt Birdie glanced to the oven, then turned back to Isadora, reaching out to place a hand on Isadora’s arm. “My dear, it’s always been my belief that God gives all of us certain gifts. You, I’m confident in saying, have not been given a gift as pertains to anything involving a stove.”

This book definitely hooked me and I cannot wait for book 2!

American Heiresses Series:
Flights of Fancy – book 1 Jan 1, 2019
Diamond in the Rough – book 2 coming soon

I received a complimentary book in the hopes of a favorable review, with no further compensation.
Bethany House Publishing - 5 stars
I also wanted to share this adorable book keychain
made by: Literary Treasures which Jen
gifted to those of us on her ARC team for Christmas. 
I opted to use it as an ornament on my tree
which will be fun to pull out each year!


I am not the greatest at doing interviews with authors, so instead, I thought I would share a fun story Jen Turano wrote on her FB page.  It seems she has lots of comedy moments in her real life to draw from.

“So normally this would be a pic I'm sharing of the first sighting of "Flights of Fancy" in a store. But, this is me after all, so my first sighting turned somewhat...interesting. You see, Al (husband person) and I were out and about and Al wanted to stop at a golf store to get a new grip on one of his clubs. Every time I step foot in a golf store I feel as if the life is being sucked right out of me, which is why I had him drop me off at a different plaza, one that had a Barnes & Noble in it - my kind of plaza :)  I no longer make any attempt to get out on my release day to enjoy the sight of my books on a real bookstore shelf because I always arrive before those books have been unpacked, something that makes my trip rather anticlimactic - So there I am, just making my way to the history section to see if anything looks interesting and as I strode past Christian Fiction I saw this book and thought 'Hmm...now that's a cute cover." Haha - yeah, it was my book. After I got over the shock of actually seeing my book, and before the official release date, I dug in my purse, pulled out my phone, snapped a pic, and then...honestly...I have no idea why this stuff happens to me. A lady came up to me and began lecturing me about taking pics of books in order to buy them somewhere less expensive. The conversation only went downhill from there. I'm apparently awful with explaining to people what I do for a living and even though I told the lady it was my book, well, she just didn't seem capable of grasping that idea. I finally, after she threatened to call for a store employee, dug out one of my flyers, although that probably wasn't my most brilliant of ideas since she evidently thought I was going for a weapon - hahaha - Fearing I would soon find myself arrested, I thrust the flyer at her, said something like "Again, I'm Jen Turano, the author of that book," and with a light finally going on in her eyes, I made a speedy escape. This will probably be the last pic any of you see from me of one of my books on the shelf because...whew - the drama was just a bit much, even for me!!! Anyway...my book is apparently making its way into stores - so...how cool is that???? Have a great week.” –Jen 12/30/2018

This is the tea in my cup making that gorgeous deep red color
matching Isadora's dress :)
Not one, but two, seperate girlfriends who each live in
AL sent me a pouch :) How fun is that?!

Wishing you a lovely New Year.  Hugs and a cup of tea! 
Heather Elizabeth


  1. I was drooling over your tea! I looks so yummy! I've been saving the tags from the scripture tea from your giveaway last summer.

    1. That's nice Regina. I hope they are a blessing to you.