Thursday, May 12, 2016

Peonies and Pencils

Two days ago I purchased some peonies.  Squeeeee....!!!!
I have been waiting for Trader Joe's to get these in stock.  I loved them so much last year when I bought them as a hostess gift for someone. But, when I went back, they were gone :( (booo!)

I quickly gave these a fresh cut and arranged them into a mason jar, so they would be ready for our afternoon tea.

They are amazing.  You can practically see them change and open as the hours tick by!

Here is how they look after 48 hours.
Gorgeous Peonies
 Last week I discovered a HUGE display of the newly popular "adult" coloring books at WalMart.  I personally do not consider these just for adults, as I have been copying them for my daycare kiddos, and nieces as well.
After browsing for quite some time, I finally settled on the one I was first pulled to (naturally), which I had already "favorited" on
It was on sale for $9, & no s/h (whoop!) :)
One of my "love languages" is "Words of Aspiration".  This book is filled with them, so it truly speaks to my heart.
TEA represented. YEEEEEES!!!!
There are several styles throughout... a little something for everyone.
Here is the one I did yesterday. I plan to mail it to my sponsored child in Guatemala, along with a copy she can color :)
The pages are perforated at the top, so you can easily remove them.
 There are even some cute bonus pages at the back, like these bookmarks and 
these gift tags. 
Sometimes, when I scan a page, I like to shrink it (printing 4 to a page), and add personalization (like this scripture).
I then print them on small, papercrafting pages to use as tuck-ins when mailing to people.  Some people (ahem, me) might be intimated by coloring a larger page, so this might help.
Besides colored pencils, my niece loves coloring on the phone.
So I decided to attempt something else!
I scanned this page and saved it. 
I emailed it to myself.
I opened it in my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 4).
I clicked save.
I clicked the edit button and used my stylus to create this:
You have to be a little creative, because you are coloring on top of the picture.  It also takes patience.  However, it was a fun diversion.
I'm thinking this might be easier on an iPad or something similar. 
Once I was satisfied,
 I clicked save again, 
and was able to email & text it to friends/family, 
and upload it like a regular picture.

Well, I hope you are inspired and find joy
in simple pleasures.

God bless you readers! Hugs and a cup of tea,
UPDATE: Just 24 hours after
posting my blog, my peonies 
have changed to this color:
sort of antique looking.
So interesting :)


  1. I have to agree with you about peonies, they are such beautifully luxurious flowers. I am not really into adult colouring books but that looks like a lovely book you have.


    1. Thank you Diana. I like the "idea" of them, but I have not been into them very much either. This one will probably last me forever! ;)

  2. This is great! I love coloring books!!!

    1. Good morning Rachel. Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you liked my post. Have a blessed day :)

  3. Your peonies are beautiful, I have never had them. I will check them out in the future, I love fresh cut flowers. Such a sweet coloring book I have a similar one. They give me ideas for embroidery patterns, and I can decide on the colors i like best bestarting.

    1. Oh I do long to learn embroidery. It's on my bucket list! Thanks for stopping by Tonia!!

  4. Your peonies are beautiful! I also like the idea of shrinking colouring pages--I may have to try that myself one day. Thanks for the visit and enjoy the rest of the week!