Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Thanksgiving Moment

My dad arrived for the holidays last night. 
Heading off to get ready for bed, we met en route, and chuckling both agreed to a quick round of rummy (cards) 1st :-)
While I was in the kitchen this morning, he stumbled in, eyes half cracked open, hair askew, and with a slight grin; he said, "Is my tea ready yet?"
To which I replied, "Yes it is!" having just made a fresh pot of BlackBerry Sage :)
Let the warm & cozy memory making begin!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

I think it's important to stop and take notice of the small moments; the ones that touch our hearts and make us smile.  And if you can capture them in writing, all the better.  For some day, our fading memories will thank us!

Hugs to you friends!
~Heather Elizabeth

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  1. You are so right about making memories. Time goes by so fast these days, I have to learn to stop and savor the memories.