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NOT by SIGHT - 5 Star Book Review


Not by Sight by Kate Breslin 

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Opening Scripture: For we live by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED this book. It was everything I could hope for!

Highlights: London – Suffragettes – spies – WWI – the WFC (Women’s Forage Corps) with a focus on one small group of interesting characters working the farm lands of a country estate in County of Kent in order to help the war effort – a brooding war victim hiding behind a “WWI splatter mask”. 
WWI Splatter Masks for tank crews
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It's too bad the publisher didn’t think to include an image on the back cover but I have included one here for you}, 

a bit of Ireland near the end – faith – history – God – scripture – romance – mystery – secrets – a budding writer – tea & a tea room – healing – EEEEK! IT’S SO GOOD!
White chocolate-dipped strawberry, swan-shaped scones and black tea on floral English tea service china
A little nod to Swan's Tea Room (this is really from Garden View Tea Room, Disneyworld, FL - internet photo)
I usually write much longer reviews, but this book is SO GOOD, just get it… go now!!! (-smile)

If this is Kate Breslin’s standard writing, I will be a fan for life!

5 stars

© 2015 Bethany House
366 pages + Author’s Notes and Discussion Questions

I received an advance copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion. CBD already shows it in stock!

Read: 07/21&7/23/2015 - Reviewed: 07/25/15

Publisher's Description

With Britain caught up in WWI, Jack Benningham, heir to the Earl of Stonebrooke, has declared himself a conscientious objector. Instead, he secretly works for the Crown by tracking down German spies on British soil, his wild reputation and society status serving as a foolproof cover.

Blinded by patriotism and concern for her brother on the front lines, wealthy suffragette Grace Mabry will do whatever it takes to assist her country's cause. When she sneaks into a posh London masquerade ball to hand out white feathers of cowardice, she never imagines the chain of events she'll set off when she hands a feather to Jack.

And neither of them could anticipate the extent of the danger and betrayal that follows them--or the faith they'll need to maintain hope.

Author Bio

A Florida girl who migrated to the Pacific Northwest, Kate Breslin was a bookseller for many years. She is the author of: For Such a Time and lives with her husband in Seattle, Washington. Find her online at

Hugs and a cup of tea!
Heather Elizabeth


  1. Oh, thanks for the review! As a writer *and* tea lover, I think this sounds like a book I would quite enjoy, and I like knowing that you have read and enjoyed it!

  2. Hello Angela,
    You are very welcome. I hope you get an opportunity to read it! - come back and share your thoughts! :)