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– A Herringford and Watts Mystery eNovella
by Rachel McMillan
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Round of applause to artist, Nicole Dougherty!!!

October 1911, Toronto, Canada to start, and then moving on to Concord & Boston, Massachusetts, America
Told in first person, again, by Jem

So smack me, because I could not wait for the full length book to arrive in the post, and I downloaded this eNovella which comes AFTER that book and read it out of order! Oh, well.  I loved it!  However, you really should read them in order, because this caused some spoilers for me.  This is a light and fun mystery, which follows our two female detectives on another adventure; dressing in disguises, bantering with their love interests, and sometimes jumping the gun on possible outcomes, which leads them into trouble! This time around, they are to track down a friend of a friend’s missing sister in America.  The clues they follow send them in the direction of Louisa May Alcott’s famous Orchard House. 
From left to right: Louisa (seated on the ground), Mrs Alcott, Frederick Pratt (Anna's older son, in a baby carriage), Anna Alcott Pratt, and Mr Alcott

Read more about Orchard House on their FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/louisamayalcottsorchardhouse/?fref=ts

FUN LEMONNY STUFF:  I FB messaged the author regarding lemon jam and lemon sandwiches, which were mentioned in the story.  I had never heard of either.
Ch. 7 - “Ray DeLuca, this is delicious.” “My Nonna made it when Vi and I were little,” he explained. “She taught me how. Said I could impress a girl someday.” {{{smiles!!!!}}}
Rachel kindly sent me these two links.
Click here: LEMON JAM

“Lemon curd is one of my FAVOURITE things in tarts and sandwiches” -Rachel McMillan
Click here: LEMON CURD

Amusing Quotes: Ch. 3 - “Rather ridiculous, I thought,” George sniffed. “Wouldn’t want a woman of mine dressing in trousers.” Though his tone was cordial, his words had Mirinda gripping her soup spoon so tightly her knuckles went white.”
Throughout the stories, a favorite line of Mirinda’s is “Cracker jacks!”  I love how she says this!!!

Faith: – Love is the essence of God.  (faith is lightly sprinkled in this book).

Tea Moments:
Ch. 3 - I rearranged my hair and happily accepted the teacup and biscuits the maid brought on a tray.
Ch. 7 – On our last morning in Boston, we sat at tea, while the chauffeur saw to our luggage.

DO: read her dedications.  She quotes Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock, sharing her inspiration for the titles of her books!

This author: is very approachable through her FB page: https://www.facebook.com/rachkmc
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I purchased and downloaded this eNovella from Amazon.  {btw, I never purchase eBooks, since there are so many free ones already sitting in my Kindle, but these I could not resist since there are no hard copies available! Boooo!  Yay for paperbacks! - smile}

Overall, I would recommend this book to a friend.  
5 stars
© May 31, 2016 Harvest House Pub.
7 chapters + epilogue
Read: 6/02/2016
Reviewed: 6/7/2016

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  1. Love LOVE your review!!! The pictures are perfect! I was curious about the lemon jam too lol :)

    1. Thank you Rachel. Excited to be part of the influencer team with you for Rachel's next book! Yay us!!! :)