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A Herringford and Watts Mystery
by Rachel McMillan

Several things about this book grabbed me right away. 1) It’s not too overwhelming in size, so a perfect little summer read. (and as I have said of these books before, I LOVE the covers).
2) I LOVE FONTS – I’m actually rather obsessed with them, so to see a fun, scrolly (cause that’s a word, right?!) font displayed at the beginning of a letter from Jem’s parents as well as Chapter #s puts a big ol smile on my face. 3) There are silhouettes & pretty designs throughout the book! Another smile, and yet another reason I prefer delicious paperbacks over eBooks!  4) The author puts footnotes throughout.  Who does this in fictional stories?  It’s like she’s passing us secret notes in class!  Super fun!

September 1910, Toronto, Canada: told in 3rd person, (unlike the eNovellas).
The story opens with the murder of a beautiful young woman found at the Elgin Theater, and our lady detectives are determined to help solve the case. One of my favorite things about this story, was Ray DeLuca’s journal.  Getting to know him in a very personal way, and what ends up happening because of it (avoiding spoilers here), was heartwarming. 

Excellent Picture of these Lady Detectives: Ch. 2 – “Jem realized early in her acquaintance with Merinda Heringford that attempting to solve a crime as an amateur and a woman meant leaving any semblance of pride or dignity behind.  She became all too familiar with hiding her attractive feminine traits – her soft curves and curls – under the dirty, mangy tweed folds of her flatmate’s nifty disguises.”
Amusing Quote: Ch. 2 - “I have to return the reporter’s coat,” said Jem. “Though I suppose if I take it off, half of Toronto will notice I have no pants on.”
Faith: (faith is lightly sprinkled in this book). – Ch. 2 “She breathed a prayer for the rain to hold off and to avoid detection, at which Merinda smirked, scolding her friend for conversing with an invisible God.”
Ch. 15 – “Women in the Bible didn’t sit at home braiding mats for the men in battle.  They went to battle too.  Look at Deborah. Look at Esther.”
Ch. 19 – “God is going to speak to you no matter where you decide to meet him.”
Tea Moment:
Who recognizes this famous
Ch. 7 – “Jem cleared her throat, inviting Gavin to sit in the armchair as she settled onto the sofa.  Mrs. Malone arrived with the tea service, which featured assorted dainties arranged to ornament the tea.  Jem pinched a fairy cake and licked the icing.”

Crokinole (Board Game): Pg.10 ok, so I totally had to google this, and in case you don’t know either, here’s what it looks like.
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this board was appropriately made in Canada :)

This author is very approachable through her FB page:

I purchased this from CBD.  Overall, I would recommend this book to a friend.
5 stars
© 04/01/2016 Harvest House Pub., 219 Pages
Read: 6/08/2016 Reviewed: 6/9/2016

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  1. I am so delighted that you have taken the time to read my books and to spend some time looking at some of their idiosyncrasies! I love writing these characters and I love the time you have taken in meeting them!

    Also, what a cozy, delightful blog! I have a cup of earl grey in my hand and am so excited to read through some past entries with a cup of tea!

    Jem and Ray and Jasper and Merinda are soooo pleased you have met them :)

    1. EEEEEEk! I just went to book reader's heaven. Thank YOU for commenting on my blog Rachel, and for sharing your delightful imagination with us! I hope you enjoy your time here!!

  2. I LOVE THIS BOOK! And the Novellas...And Rachel...Yes! Herringford & Watts are among my favorites of ALL time!