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Holding the Fort Regina Jennings Book Review

Holding the Fort – Book #1 The Fort Reno Series
Regina Jennings

•°o•:*:•.Very Enjoyable.•:*:• o°•

Wichita, Kansas 1885
Louisa Bell, with the captivating voice, is the star performer at the Cat-Eye Saloon, until she’s not!  Private Bradley Willis, her act-before-you-think little brother, is stationed at Ft. Reno in Indian Territory.  Word has it he’s found trouble… again.  Being desperate for work and a roof, and determined to find a way to help her brother, she heads off for the fort with as many dancehall dresses as she can manage.  In her mind, soldiers must need entertainment.
Along the way, she meets a kindly Mennonite woman, Mrs. Sheridan, who is also headed to the fort to become a governess to Major Daniel Adams children.  However, an awful case of hay fever has changed those plans.  She is distraught at not being able to deliver the chest of books she has brought for the Major.  Louisa offers to take them for her.   Mrs. Sheridan is grateful, and leaves her “a more serviceable blouse and skirt; so she won’t ruin her fine things traveling in a coach.”
Ch. 3 “May God make your trip good and no sinning and everything good,” Louisa said.  Mrs. Townsend’s eyes twinkled. “That, my dear, is the most original benediction I’ve ever received.”
I absolutely loved the way Daniel and Louisa met for the first time. It is so unique I won’t spoil it here.  Later, when Louisa arrives at the fort, Lt. Jack Hennessey mistakes her for the new Mennonite governess, and she decides not to correct him or reveal her relationship to Bradley Willis.  Privately, she pulls him aside to describe her account of an accident befalling one of the troopers.  The details send Jack into a fit of laughter he has a hard time hiding.  Jack has a big heart, and often a twinkle in his eye.  I hope to learn more of his story in future installments. He shows Louisa to her “quarters”; Major Adams home!  She soon meets his rowdy daughters, Caroline & Daisy, who aren’t the small children she was expecting.  How will she possibly be able to teach them anything? 
Major Adams is a no-nonsense, widower of ten years.  He has worked hard to climb the ranks of the military, and he expects the same of his soldiers.  When Private Willis decides to blow off steam by drinking and shooting out lanterns on the base, he throws him in the guard house.  But the WAY he did it, gives him pause.  Meanwhile, he’s had all he can take of his bickering daughters and decides it’s high time to bring in reinforcements.  A stern, older teacher from the Mennonite community that he respects so much should make a perfect governess for his girls, and hopefully, keep his busy-body mother-in-law at bay.

I enjoyed this historical, Christian romance, and recommend it to others.
See a 4-minute video shot by the author at Fort Reno, OK here:

© 2017 Bethany House
342 pages
I received a copy from the publisher, in exchange for my honest review.
Read: 1/8/2018 - Reviewed: 1/9/2018

5 stars

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