Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Here is a fun craft you can do
with your Littles.

Start with a pumpkin picture glued to cardstock,
or simply draw one.  I just happened to have these pumpkins
left over from last year, so I used rubber cement to glue them to a piece of folded cardstock to make a book, and trimmed around 3/4 of it.

Pumpkin seeds (ours are baked because that's what somebody brought us).
Glue. Cinnamon stick cut in 1/2 with pliers.
Green pipe cleaner cut in 1/2 w/scissors.

Take a black marker to write the words inside, unless your Littles
are old enough to write.  If that is the case, write the words
on a separate piece of paper so they can practice
their writing skills.
Have them color pulp inside with an orange marker or crayon.
Have them glue pumpkin seeds inside & ask them to count the seeds.
Use plenty of white glue for the cinnamon stick & the pipe cleaner.

Read the story.

Then ask questions about each part.
What color is the pumpkin?  What do pumpkins grow on? Then have your Littles "read" it back to you and to other family members.  Later, at dinner, in the car, etc.  ask questions again.  Hey, do you remember who makes pumpkins? etc.

I hope you enjoy this fun learning craft!

Harvest Blessings,


  1. What a sweet craft! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Thank you Angela. I'm glad you like it, and stopped by to visit! Have a blessed weekend.