Sunday, March 6, 2016

Playing The Part a Book Review


Playing the Part – A Class of Their Own Book#3
Jen Turano
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I received my influencer copy LATE in Saturday’s mail so I knew better than to attempt to start it until Sunday.  It took me between 8-9 hours to read it cover to cover (ahem, as per usual with any Jen Turano book).

I absolutely loved it! In a nut-shell, it is mysterious, witty, romantic, dangerous and faith filled, with several laugh-out-loud moments.

Lucetta Plum is a head-strong, wonderful actress, but is being pursued by a stalkerie (I’m making that a word) type character. Her imposing (but secretly a big softie) security man, Mr. Skukman, and her self-appointed guardian, Abigail, whisk her away to her grandson’s home of Ravenwood. 

Bram Haverstein has hired all sorts of misfits to help him maintain Ravenwood, and he’s rescued a number of mistreated or unwanted animals who make for delightful story points.

P.40 “I think you’re forgetting a very important fact, sir. You’re Mr. Bram Haverstein, a gentleman in possession of a very fine fortune, your own castle, a summer house on Long Island, more carriages than I care to count, a steamboat, and you’re apparently possessed of a face that all ladies find swoon-worthy.”

The castle has all sorts of unusual goings on, including many uninvited ladies showing up and trying to weasel their way into Bram’s life.  There’s a mote, hidden passages, a crazy goat, and the place just might be haunted. {Side note: I wonder if Bram was named after Bram Stoker, what with all eerie references…hmmmmm.}

TEA REFERENCES (because tea is my ‘thing’)
P.21 “And…I just recalled that tea is very good for soothing the nerves.  And because of your dastardly situation, your nerves must need soothing, so….”
P.43 “Should I ring for tea?” Mrs. Macmillan asked. “I’m not sure I’ll be asking the trespassers in for refreshments, Mrs. Macmillan. While I certainly don’t want to fire cannonballs at them, offering tea might be taking the social niceties a bit too far.”

I could go on and on in pure delight, but I’ll leave the rest to you.  I do HIGHLY recommend this and all of Jen’s books. Each one has received a 5-star review from me! Be sure to look up Jen on FB as I have always found her to be very approachable.

It is my great privilege to be included in Jen Turano’s Influencer List and I received this copy for no compensation.  My opinion is my own.

Read: 2/28/16
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  1. Excellent review!!! I am sooo in love with Jen's books! And Playing the Part was pure delight from beginning to end!

    1. Thank you Rachel!!! Yep, she's the best!!! :)