Saturday, March 5, 2016

It has been a while

Hello again lovelies!  It has been a while so I decided to just MAKE SOME TIME to throw some photos on my blog and say hello.  
"Hello." :)
This 1st pic is just me playing with a new app called
Cameran Collage.  I saw the adorable art floating around FB (sorry no credit was listed), but I changed it up a bit with the tea tag and references (of course!).  She has brown hair like me, so, yeah.... loved her!
Next a little fun I had participating in a Valentine Exchange group through FB.  Here are my cards.
And here are the cards I received.

I also tried my hand at decorating store bought madelines with white chocolate and sprinkles and M&M candy to resemble an ice-cream sunday.  I even sent some to a dear friend in Colorado.

Also on Valentines Day, I offered to host a tea for my daughter and her school mates.  She requested a rustic garden tea (very "her").  I believe it was the first time any of the girls had ever been to tea (except, of course my daughter who has been going since she turned 2!) I served seven (yes, I am insane) sandwiches, chai flavored scones with my special crem fraiche & fruit, and a simple salad of spinach, strawberries & finely diced cauliflower plus Green & White Peach Tea from Celestial Seasonings.  The girls really loved the tea and it is such a refreshing blend.  Breezes blew, vintage music played, prayers were said, and fellowship was shared.
Have been enjoying a few walks around the neighborhood...
and always have my camera phone handy!
This was a walk followed by my everything-but-the-kitchen-sink smoothie!

I caught the stomach flu, so the walks took a pause... but then...

today was a new day, with a new and early morning walk. It was bliss as I played praise and worship music on my phone.
followed by, ahem, tea and toast (hee-hee). 

This is an awesome short video of a visit to the UK where we can see teawares actually being made.  I love how happy the workers are.
What an interesting job!

Praying you have a lovely weekend
filled with lovely moments
and much gratitude for
the Father.
Hugs and a cup of tea,

Roy Kirkham & Co. Ltd. Breakfast Cup & Saucer

SUNDAY, MARCH 13th, Spring Ahead


  1. Love all your photos! And the garden tea looks lovely. Can't wait until the flowers start blooming out there!

  2. Love the garden tea!! So Precious!! That video is WONDERFUL!!! I really enjoyed every second of that!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!! Cindy