Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas Musings

Well, hello!

Please click here --> Charlie Brown Christmas Album ~ Vince Guaraldi
and be sure to open in a seperate window so that you may enjoy some lovely music as you grab a cuppa and read on!
I have REALLY been enjoying this tea of late.

Since I have not corresponded with you in a while, I have many things to share this time...

First, a wee bit of Thanksgiving.  The house was filled with family arriving on various days throughout the week.  We had people in every nook and cranny, but we made it work.

There were games, sunsets, fires, roasting marshmallows, homemade pumpkin pie, a turkey that refused to cook (!), and a trip to the apple orchards.

me and my daddy at the apple
orchard.  It was 25*  :)
My son started a part-time job as a caregiver to an elderly neighbor so that her daughters could have some time off.  Miss Annie is 96! She was once a seamstress for Hollywood, and later a bank teller who worked her way up to manager.  She loved, loved, loved square dancing, and has lived in her home for over 30 years!
Isn't she cute?!

After a few days of recoup (and a dryer that was out for a week - eeek!) I managed to get our little tree up.

It wasn't even up an hour, before Abbey snuck in and claimed her spot.
Here is a special treat I found at World Market.  I love it because there are no nuts in it.

I have been hitting a few seasonal sales over the past few days.  First, The Barn (a fun neighborhood sale that opens every few months).
Here are some of the cute things I spotted.
Reindeer Games - - - hee hee!  I would totally
play Bunco with these!
I believe this was made with 1 cup sugar and 1 Tbs.
of pumpkin pie spice.  They sold out in about
10 minutes! <Bakers twine, jingle bell, cute tag,
tiny clothespin, in salt shaker>... now YOU can
do that!
Here is the front & back of a cool piece of pallet Christmas art. 
It lights up!  
And here are the treasures that came home with me.  Because I got such good deals (at least I think so), I will share the prices:
Rod Iron fireplace grate (did you spot Max kitty behind it, checking it out?). $40... bought while in line before grand opening, because somebody was returning it from a previous Barn sale when they discovered it was too small for their house (woo-hoo!). Christmas album for my daughter $3. Awesome green and red mirror (and dang heavy too), $45.  4-pack of Christmas hankies $12. Vintage Christmas cards $2 (more on those later). Teeny bottle brush Christmas, $2 or $3 - I don't remember. Christmas pillow $5.  Christmas candy bowl $5.  What fun I had!!!
 Here is my little kitchen shelf dolled up for Christmas. Twinings Christmas tea, tiny tea mugs, a Christmas tea for one set, gingerbread men, and even a cute tea themed Christmas towel.

One of my favorite things to do (since my daughter was a baby) is make Christmas shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child (a ministry related to Billy Graham and Samaritan's Purse).  I was able to serve twice in the last week at the processing center, where we check the boxes, and place them in cartons to ship out.  It is tiring, but SUPER rewarding.  We get to see what others have shopped for and packed with love.  Sometimes there are notes, and Christmas cards and photos.  It's great.  I went with my friends, sister and niece on trip #1, and my daughter and son & their friends on trip #2.  Such a blessing.

This week, I made homemade chili and decided to give it a twist.
You see, my ex-husband was kind enough to come fix my broken dryer (yes, we are friends now, PTL and we can do favors for each other).  Any way, he is Mexican, and they like to put cabbage and a squirt of lemon or lime on chicken tortilla soup; so I thought why not try that with chili?  It was delicious!

Now, back to decorating.

Remember that $5 candy dish I snagged? Here's why^
It goes perfectly with this wonderful tea set I got at this time LAST year at The Barn for only $25!!

What is interesting is the tea set is from Poland, but the candy dish is from Japan.  They are SO similar you would never know if I did not point it out ;)

Next, I wanted to show you some of the mantel displays.  The mirror from earlier, along with a cute little wreath 
I picked up for $6 at Trader Joe's.
I think you can see the color really well in this next photo, and
the ribbon was from my stash!

Here is that cute teeny tree from before,
along with a charming vintage looking truck I picked up
the other day, & one of the vintage Christmas cards
featuring a sweet family singing carols.  Incidentally,
I discovered a surprise inside... a small
book of carols complete with sheet music!
The lantern says He is the Light of the world.
Wish I had those boots in my size!
I love this 1950s card.  It features mom doing all the Christmas activities... isn't that authentic ladies?  Off to the right is a chippy, rusty old lantern I got at a previous Barn sale.

The reason for the season :-)

Over my table are some tea themed ornaments 
I have had for a very long time.  

I have not planned a tea for this month yet, but I really should!
I love that song (Dean Martin)!!

Thank you Stephanie!

Just before Thanksgiving, I managed to mail off batch #1 of Christmas cards, and yesterday I received my 1st one in the mail along with this sweet homemade ornament made by my dear friend, Stephanie, over at: The Enchanting Rose
She knows I like lavenders/purples and there is even a bit of bling in the center.  It is hanging in my lavender bathroom!

After church today, I headed to the Hillside Farm Craft Fair (an annual event).
On the way, what to my wondering/wandering? (hmmm...uh, dad?) eyes should appear?

And I spotted this sweet reminder when I got there:

Plus this really interesting piece of china framed in leaded glass,
which apparently is from the homeowner's wedding.
I love the lamp too!

A lady was working on this stocking.
She told me it was from a kit.  I just love gingerbread men!

These guys totally cracked me up!
Those eyes though!
 Snowmen paint sticks! What?!
How adorable.
2 came to live at my house!
OK! Seriously?  We can do this!
I was really wanting a Christmas quilt, and a lovely lady named Joan had hers on sale.  This is a CA King size with shams, she handmade and it was only $85!

I promptly came home and decorated my room.
I pinned those Christmas hankies you saw earlier to the shams and a throw, and strung some lights.  I figure the set will work all the way into Valentine's day!

Here is my nightstand,
as the lights change colors :-)
See that Santa Mouse book?  It is from my 1st birthday.
I hung 3 plush ornaments from when my kids were little.
Abbey spotted the mouse and prepared to attack!

She was super intrigued by the new bedding and all the goings-on in my room.  

Later, Delilah came to investigate.

While Max just slept in the other room.

And this is the fun, sparkly hat I bought today.  It is handmade by a lady name Deborah who I very much enjoyed speaking to.  She makes them in all sorts of colors, well, except this sparkly red; I got the last one!  She can't find the yarn anymore. Anyhoo, I'm adding her email in case you want one. Only $10!  Lots of floppy play, so you can style how you wish.
by: D's Crocheted Creations


  1. Abbey, Delilah and Max are beautiful! I love cats, so they jumped right out at me. I didn't manage to get a tea planned for this month either. Maybe next month. Putting on an afternoon tea for even just a few people is a lot of work, but it's work done mostly in advance; so once underway, it's as relaxing for me as it is for my guests.

    1. Hi Jean. I am finally going back to look for comments on my blog since for some reason I am not receiving notifications. I finally did get a tea done... mashing Christmas and my birthday together during the 1st weekend in Jan. Have not blogged it, but it could happen. LOL. Glad you enjoyed my kitties. Blessings, Heather

  2. Sweet Heather, what a joy to visit your lovely blog! I have been wondering how you were doing... :)

    Can I just say that Miss Annie is just too cute! And I cannot believe she is that old - she does not look it.

    I would have to agree about those's too bad they don't come in adult sizes - too cute, my friend.

    It sounds like you are well for which I am thankful. And my, you have been a busy little bee. I wish I could have joined you at the craft shows - wouldn't that have been grand! :)

    I am so glad the ornament arrived safe and sound {{smiles}} Enjoy, dear Heather. I absolutely loved the christmas card/ornament from you. Your children are beautiful just like you! Although maybe I should say that your son is quite handsome and not beautiful...hehehe.

    Love and hugs to you!

    1. Hello Stephanie :-)
      Glad you enjoyed this posting. I may have already responded in email, but I can not recall for certain. I would love to go a craft fair with you! How is the snowy weather treating you my friend? Talk soon, Heather

  3. Hello Heather, what a delightful post. I have enjoyed reading every word of it, it is filled with the joy of pre Christmas, which is how it should be :) I am away to take my little mother to finish her Christmas shopping now, so have a wonderful week.


    1. Getting around to replies now Diana. How was your Christmas? Good I hope. Time has slipped away. Funny, I found one little Merry Christmas window cling still up today that I had completely missed removing. Pray you are well and thank you for stopping by! ~Heather

  4. Wow, what splendid eye candy! I loved hearing about all your great finds, and I also love that you do the shoeboxes as my Sunday School class did. It's so rewarding to think of making a child's Christmas brighter!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Hello to all the family!

    1. Glad you stopped by sweet friend! Hello to you all as well :-) MISSSSSSS YOU!!!

  6. So good to hear what you have been up to Heather! You certainly found lots of amazing things! I love your picture collage. You have a very sweet family! Merry Christmas friend! Wishing you the joy and peace that only our dear Saviour can give.

  7. Hi Heather,

    I love the way you decorated your home for Christmas. Thank you for the Christmas Tea and Christmas card. I was truly surprised by it. Thank you for thinking of me. I am going to make the tea right now. I had forgotten about it until I saw it in this post. Here's to and excellent cup of tea.

    1. Hello Tina. How lovely you stopped by. I am just now seeing it as my notifications don't seem to be coming through and I am manually scrolling my blog to check for comments. I pray you are all doing well and staying warm. I hope you enjoyed the tea. It is such a favorite of mine at Christmas Time!!! GOD BLESS YOU! :-)