Monday, February 23, 2015

Girlfriends Valentine Tea

Yesterday I hosted my 2nd annual 
Girlfriends Valentine Tea.  This idea actually spring-boarded off of a cute little graphic from artist Susan Branch.  I love the idea of sharing Jesus' love with a bunch of girlfriends. Don't you? I set the table on Saturday, so most of the work would be done on Sunday, leaving more time to get ready, bake, etc.
There were 4 lovely ladies who joined me, including my beautiful daughter (yay!).

I opened up our time by inviting God to be the Head of our tea table, and sharing communion served in demitasse cups.
 I had vintage postcard banners 
 & a sweet miniature valentine banner on the chandelier. 
I made strawberry scones and spinach w/feta stuffed spanikopita.  
And I offered a variety of tea on this
darling pink, vintage suitcase I recently purchased.
Here is a close-up of the graphic I created and framed.

Each lady was asked to bring a savory dish, and a fruit to top the scones with.  We had pinwheels: bacon ranch, & turkey w/sun-dried tomatoes. There was Honeybaked ham salad on wheat, and bacon & cheese mini quiche w/a crescent roll base.  We also enjoyed a delightful new recipe featuring balsamic vinaigrette reduction mixed w/cream cheese, layered w/cucumber, strawberry & dill on tiny baguette bites (apparently something discovered on Pinterest).  I made my favorite creme fraiche (pronounced crem fresh) served from gravy boats, because we all need more uses for those!
The table cloth is a treasure I found on etsy last year and just love because it looks like a quilt, but is actually a print!

The favors I shared with you last week were a big hit.  All the ladies were sharing how they need more time with God, and thought this would be a useful boost!
Here is my recipe for crème fraiche
in case you are interested.
Isn't that bottle just too cute?!

I hope you enjoyed my tea lovely ladies.  May each of find time for quiet refreshment with God the Father who loves you abundantly this week.  
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I 'plan' to join a few other tea parties this week as well:


  1. Thank you so much for sharing our post at my blog party "Friends Sharing Tea". You certainly did a lovely event with a Christian theme and I know the young ladies loved it. Your foods looked delicious and that table topper was really wonderful. all very lovely!

  2. should have said "your" post - not "our" post.

  3. I enjoyed your Valentine friends tea. What a special event it was! And that food... oh my...

  4. What a wonderful occasion! I used to do those for our young women when my husband pastored a church. They were always such a blessing! I love your quilt. The table looks wonderful as well as your wonderful goodies! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  5. What a lovely Tea and I love the theme. The menu looks so yummy!

  6. Wonderfully girlie and special! The heart behind it shines through. :-)

  7. You set a lovely Valentine tea with a Christian theme. Your food looks fabulous and I just love your pretty tiered plate stand. I know all you girls enjoyed yourselves. Thank you for sharing with us and joining me for tea.


  8. What a lovely tea party! Everyone looks like they had a wonderful time. Love when Christian ladies get together. Sending hugs, Martha

  9. Yes I agree what a lovely tea party and everything looks so pretty!

  10. A lovely tea table to share for Valentine's Day. You asked about my teapot tea warmer but you have no reply blogger status - I managed to find it at The English Tea Store dot com on-line.

  11. My dear Heather, I slowly looked at your photos because there was so much lovely detail. It is quite evident that you put all of your love into this tea time because everything is simply perfect!

    What a wonderful time for you and the other ladies {it was a joy to see your daughter...she is beautiful just like you}. Hugs and blessings!

  12. Wow what a wonderful tea party, you are a very gracious lady.


  13. I enjoyed seeing your Valentine's Day tea table. So pretty and what a wonderful way to spend the day with friends and your daughter. Your vintage postcard banner caught my eye! Have a wonderful week.

  14. Such a lovely thought to hose a special girlfriends' valentine party. Your table set with all your pretty china and delish food looks gorgeous! How lovely to sit and share your christian lives and thoughts with each other. I must say I love the white sideboard in the photo and your chandelier is lovely.

  15. What a great teatime you all had! Your friends (and daughter) are just lovely, and the festive decor makes me wish I had been there. I was going to ask if you made the "quilt," so I'm glad you reported that this was fabric. It's charming! (And of course I also love how you incorporated your faith into this event. Wonderful!)

  16. What a lovely Valentine tea! I'm sure your friends and daughter loved being part of your tea. Everything looks wonderful. Happy Tea Day!

    1. Thank you Snap. I'm glad you enjoyed my Valentine tea. I just popped over to your blog... I had NO IDEA jasmine pearls were HAND rolled! Fascinating. Now I have to go make some tea. I have a delightful blend from Teavana of Jasmine Dragon Pearls and Honeybush Vanilla. Not sure you will see this comment because I did not receive an email that you commented...I will go post on your page too. -Heather :)

  17. Your festive tea definitely captures the spirit of Valentine's Day!

  18. Hello Heather, what a lovely place you have here!
    Your Valentine Tea is quite beautiful and very evident that you poured your heart into preparing everything for your guests. I loved hearing that you made God the center of your party, what an honor to Him.

    I look forward to following you.

    Joy to you!

  19. Such a pretty setting....some really pretty and dainty cups! Perfect for Valentine's.

  20. Hi Heather! I really liked your girlfriend's valentine's tea! The tablecloth was an especially neat touch. The food all sounds delicious!

  21. such a beautifully set table, such a pretty find with that table cloth too, how wonderful to have the ladies together for a tea

  22. Absolutely gorgeous, what a lovely tea party!

  23. How fun to host a lovely tea for friends and your daughter. Moments like this are priceless!